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Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 31 (2016), Supplement     6. June 2016
Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 31 (2016), Supplement  (06.06.2016)

Supplement, Online Article, Page 182-191

Online Article: Protocols for the Maxillary Implant Overdenture: A Systematic Review
Sadowsky, Steven J. / Zitzmann, Nicola U.
Purpose: To evaluate patient-related outcomes in restoring the edentulous maxilla with an implant overdenture.
Materials and Methods: A comprehensive systematic review of the literature was conducted. Publications reporting patient-based outcomes with concomitant data on implant and/or prosthetic success were selected using predetermined inclusion criteria that were agreed upon by the two reviewers.
Results: Twenty-three publications related to 20 study cohorts were identified to meet the inclusion criteria for maxillary implant overdentures: two randomized controlled trials (RCTs), 13 prospective case series including two crossover trials, and five retrospective studies.
Conclusion: An implant overdenture offers a stabilized removable solution for the edentulous maxilla, which provides increased patient satisfaction and quality of life improvement. A palateless design supported by four to six implants with a wide anteroposterior span has been successfully applied in some investigations. A higher failure rate was experienced with machined implants, particularly with short implants (length < 10 mm). Although both splinted and solitary anchorage systems are advocated, maintenance is higher for solitary attachments and inflammation is increased beneath the bars. Long-term maintenance care is essential for all designs. Well-designed RCTs with larger sample cohorts with longer follow-up periods are required to amplify patient- and clinician-based outcomes.

Keywords: implant/prosthetic survival/success, maintenance, maxillary implant overdentures, patient satisfaction
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