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Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants - Pre-print articles
Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants - Pre-print articles

Page 1-4, 2017-06-26, PubMed:28518182

Triple-Layered Closure of an Oroantral Fistula: A Case Report
George, Eric
Oroantral fistulae (OAF) are surgical sequelae that require complete resection and often leave large defects for the surgeon to repair. Closing these lesions is often technique sensitive and requires a detailed protocol, which, if not adhered to, can lead to recurrence. This case report presents a combined approach to closing an OAF by first excising the fistula and then resecting to retrieve the buccal fat pad to form a pedicle graft over the wound site. Next, a platelet-rich fibrin membrane is sandwiched over the buccal fat pad and completely covered by a buccal advancement flap. This triple-layered technique is a novel method to close a chronic OAF.

Keywords: buccal advancement flap, buccal fat pad, maxillary sinus, oroantral fistula, platelet-rich-fibrin
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