The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 2/2008     15. Mar. 2008
15. Mar. 2008
Pages: 179 - 358

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Page 190-197, PubMed:18548915
Ct-generated surgical guides and flapless surgery
Balshi, T. J. / Balshi, S. F. / Jaffin, R. / Salama, M. A. / Triplett, R. G. / Parel, S.
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Page 207-214, PubMed:18548916
Influence of Ovariectomy on Healing of Autogenous Bone Block Grafts in the Mandible: A Histomorphometric Study in an Aged Rat Model
Luize, Danielle Shima / Bosco, Alvaro Francisco / Bonfante, Samara / Almeida, Juliano Milanezi de
Page 215-225, PubMed:18548917
Comparative 3D Finite Element Stress Analysis of Straight and Angled Wedge-Shaped Implant Designs
Las Casas, Estevam Barbosa / Ferreira, Paulo César / Cimini Jr, Carlos Alberto / Toledo, Elson Magalhães / Barra, Luis Paulo da Silva / Cruz, Mauro
Page 226-236, PubMed:18548918
Accuracy of Impression and Pouring Techniques for an Implant-Supported Prosthesis
Del'Acqua, Marcelo Antonialli / Arioli-Filho, João Neudenir / Compagnoni, Marco Antonio / Mollo Jr, Francisco de Assis
Page 237-246, PubMed:18548919
Type 2 Diabetes Impairs Implant Osseointegration Capacity in Rats
Hasegawa, Hideki / Ozawa, Shogo / Hashimoto, Kazuyoshi / Takeichi, Takuro / Ogawa, Takahiro
Page 263-269, PubMed:18548922
An Improved Impact Technique for Monitoring Percutaneous Implant Integrity
Swain, Ryan / Faulkner, M. Gary / Raboud, Don / Wolfaardt, John
Page 270-276, PubMed:18548923
Success Rates of Microimplants in Edentulous Patients with Residual Ridge Resorption
Morneburg, Thomas R. / Pröschel, Peter A.
Page 277-280, PubMed:18548924
Association Between Transmucosal Depth of Osseointegrated Implants and Malodor Production
Sterer, Nir / Tamary, Israel / Katz, Mira / Weiss, Ervin
Page 281-288, PubMed:18548925
Initial Clinical Efficacy of 3-mm Implants Immediately Placed Into Function in Conditions of Limited Spacing
Reddy, Michael S. / O'Neal, S. Jean / Haigh, Sandra / Aponte-Wesson, Ruth / Geurs, Nico C.
Page 289-298, PubMed:18548926
Comparative Clinical Results After Implant Placement in the Posterior Maxilla With and Without Sinus Augmentation
Schlegel, Andreas / Hamel, Jörg / Wichmann, Manfred / Eitner, Stephan
Page 299-307, PubMed:18548927
Vertical Distraction of the Severely Resorbed Edentulous Mandible: An Assessment of Treatment Outcome
Raghoebar, Gerry M. / Stellingsma, Kees / Meijer, Henny J. A. / Vissink, Arjan
Page 308-314, PubMed:18548928
Immediate Loading of Maxillary Fixed Prostheses Retained by Zygomatic and Conventional Implants: 24-month Preliminary Data for a Series of Clinical Case Reports
Mozzati, Marco / Monfrin, Sandro Barone / Pedretti, Giorgio / Schierano, Gianmario / Bassi, Francesco
Page 323-326, PubMed:18548930
Width of Keratinized Gingiva and the Health Status of the Supporting Tissues Around Dental Implants
Bouri Jr, Anil / Bissada, Nabil / Al-Zahrani, Mohammad S. / Faddoul, Fady / Nouneh, Imad
Page 327-334, PubMed:18548931
Supra- and Subgingival Biofilm Formation on Implant Abutments with Different Surface Characteristics
Elter, Cornelius / Heuer, Wieland / Demling, Anton / Hannig, Matthias / Heidenblut, Torsten / Bach, Friedrich-Wilhelm / Stiesch-Scholz, Meike
Page 353-358, PubMed:18548934
Stability Measurements of 1-Stage Implants in the Edentulous Mandible by Means of Resonance Frequency Analysis
Kessler-Liechti, Gerda / Zix, Jürgen / Mericske-Stern, Regina