The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 5/2008     15. Sep. 2008
15. Sep. 2008
Pages: 787 - 959

Page 787-788, PubMed:19014148
Editorial: The Developing Practice
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 811-817, PubMed:19014149
Influence of Bioactive Glass and/or Acellular Dermal Matrix on Bone Healing of Surgically Created Defects in Rat Tibiae: A Histological and Histometric Study
Ribeiro, Luciana Liarte Gasparini / Bosco, Alvaro Francisco / Nagata, Maria José Hitomi / Melo, Luiz Gustavo Nascimento de
Page 818-826, PubMed:19014150
Improved Bone Healing by Angiogenic Factor-Enriched Platelet-Rich Plasma and Its Synergistic Enhancement by Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2
Park, Eun-Jin / Kim, Eun-Seok / Weber, Hans-Peter / Wright, Robert F. / Mooney, David J.
Page 827-834, PubMed:19014151
Bone Metabolic Activity Around Dental Implants Under Loading Observed Using Bone Scintigraphy
Sasaki, Hiroto / Koyama, Shigeto / Yokoyama, Masayoshi / Yamaguchi, Keiichiro / Itoh, Masatoshi / Sasaki, Keiichi
Page 835-840, PubMed:19014152
Effects of Prostaglandin E1 Application on Rat Incisal Sockets
Iino, Gaichi / Nishimura, Kenichi / Omura, Ken / Kasugai, Shohei
Page 841-846, PubMed:19014153
Buccal Bone Augmentation Around Immediate Implants With and Without Flap Elevation: A Modified Approach
Covani, Ugo / Cornelini, Roberto / Barone, Antonio
Page 847-857, PubMed:19014154
Prosthetic Complications in Mandibular Metal-Resin Implant-Fixed Complete Dental Prostheses: A 5- to 9-Year Analysis
Purcell, Bradley A. / McGlumphy, Edwin A. / Holloway, Julie A. / Beck, Frank Michael
Page 885-890, PubMed:19014158
Stability and Bone Response of Immediately Loaded Micro-Implants in Beagle Dogs
Ma, Junqing / Zhang, Weibing / Wang, Lin / Zhao, Chunyang / Chen, Wenjing
Page 891-896, PubMed:19014159
Piezoelectric and Conventional Osteotomy in Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis in a Series of 17 Patients
González-García, Alberto / Diniz-Freitas, Márcio / Somoza-Martín, Manuel / García-García, Abel
Page 905-910, PubMed:19014161
Effect of Osteoporotic Status on the Survival of Titanium Dental Implants
Holahan, Christopher M. / Koka, Sreenivas / Kennel, Kurt A. / Weaver, Amy L. / Assad, Daniel A. / Regennitter, Frederick J. / Kademani, Deepak
Page 919-925, PubMed:19014163
Retrospective Radiographic Evaluation of the Anterior Loop of the Mental Nerve: Comparison Between Panoramic Radiography and Spiral Computerized Tomography
Kaya, Yavuz / Sencimen, Metin / Sahin, Sermet / Okcu, Kemal Murat / Dogan, Necdet / Bahcecitapar, Melike
Page 926-934, PubMed:19014164
Efficacy of a New Papilla Generation Technique in Implant Dentistry: A Preliminary Study
Shahidi, Peyman / Jacobson, Zhimon / Dibart, Serge / Pourati, Jacob / Nunn, Martha E. / Barouch, Kasumi / Dyke, Thomas E. Van
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Page 935-942, PubMed:19014165
Deproteinized Bovine Bone Versus b-Tricalcium Phosphate in Sinus Augmentation Surgery: A Comparative Histologic and Histomorphometric Study
Simunek, Antonin / Kopecka, Dana / Somanathan, Rakesh V. / Pilathadka, Shriharsha / Brazda, Tomas
Page 943-946, PubMed:19014166
Endosseous Implant Failure Influenced by Crown Cementation: A Clinical Case Report
Gapski, Ricardo / Neugeboren, Neil / Pomeranz, Alan Z. / Reissner, Marc W.
Page 947-952, PubMed:19014167
Implant-Supported Rehabilitation of an Edentate Patient with Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A Case Report
Payne, Mark A. / Postlethwaite, Keith R. / Smith, David G. / Nohl, Francis S.
Page 955-959, PubMed:19014169
Protracted Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Following Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation: A Case Report
Su, George Nan-Chang / Tai, Pei-Wei / Su, Po-Tsang / Chien, Hua-Hong