The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 5/2009     30. Oct. 2009
30. Oct. 2009
Pages: 765 - 951

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Page 773-776
Thematic Abstract Review: Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (BMP-2): An Update
Stanford, Clark / Estafanous, Emad / Ellingsen, Jan Eirik / Oates, Thomas / Neppalli, Kumar
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Page 781-789, PubMed:19865617
Photoelastic Analysis of Stress Patterns from Different Implant-Abutment Interfaces
Bernardes, Sérgio Rocha / Araújo, Cleudmar Amaral de / Neto, Alfredo Júlio Fernandes / Simamoto, Paulo Júnior / Neves, Flávio Domingues das
Page 800-807, PubMed:19865619
Rat Model for Studying Tissue Changes Induced by the Mechanical Environment Surrounding Loaded Titanium Implants
Hou, Xiaowei / Weiler, Michael A. / Winger, Julia N. / Morris, James R. / Borke, James L.
Page 808-816, PubMed:19865620
The Role of Titanium Implant Surface Modification with Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles in Progressive Early Bone-Implant Fixation In Vivo
Lin, Audrey / Wang, Chiachien Jake / Kelly, James / Gubbi, Prabhu / Nishimura, Ichiro
Page 823-830, PubMed:19865622
Accuracy of Different Impression Techniques for Internal-Connection Implants
Lee, Yun-Jung / Heo, Seong-Joo / Koak, Jai-Young / Kim, Seong-Kyun
Page 831-841, PubMed:19865623
Biomechanical Properties of Jaw Periosteum-Derived Mineralized Culture on Different Titanium Topography
Att, Wael / Kubo, Katsutoshi / Yamada, Masahiro / Maeda, Hatsuhiko / Ogawa, Takahiro
Page 842-849, PubMed:19865624
Influence of the Length of the Loading Period After Placement of Orthodontic Mini-implants on Changes in Bone Histomorphology: Microcomputed Tomographic and Histologic Analysis
Cha, Jung-Yul / Lim, Joong-Ki / Song, Jin-Wook / Sato, Daisuke / Kenmotsu, Makoto / Inoue, Takashi / Park, Young-Chel
Page 850-858, PubMed:19865625
In Vitro Study of the Influence of the Type of Connection on the Fracture Load of Zirconia Abutments with Internal and External Implant-Abutment Connections
Sailer, Irena / Sailer, Thomas / Stawarczyk, Bogna / Jung, Ronald Ernst / Hämmerle, Christoph Hans Franz
Page 859-865, PubMed:19865626
Microstructural and Ultrastructural Assessment of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Following Nerve Lateralization and Implant Placement: An Experimental Study in Rabbits
Yoshimoto, Marcelo / Watanabe, Il-sei / Martins, Marília T. / Salles, Marcos B. / Eyck, Gary R. Ten / Coelho, Paulo G.
Page 866-876, PubMed:19865627
Influence of Bone and Dental Implant Parameters on Stress Distribution in the Mandible: A Finite Element Study
Guan, Hong / van Staden, Rudi / Loo, Yew-Chaye / Johnson, Newell / Ivanovski, Saso / Meredith, Neil
Page 887-895, PubMed:19865629
Immediate Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Maxilla: Preliminary Results of a Single-Cohort Prospective Study
Agliardi, Enrico L. / Francetti, Luca / Romeo, Davide / Del Fabbro, Massimo
Page 901-909, PubMed:19865631
Clinical and Histologic Healing of Human Extraction Sockets Filled with Calcium Sulfate
Aimetti, Mario / Romano, Federica / Griga, Fausto Baima / Godio, Laura
Page 910-919, PubMed:19865632
Effects of Implant Design and Surface Roughness on Crestal Bone and Soft Tissue Levels in the Esthetic Zone
Stein, Avi E. / McGlumphy, Edwin A. / Johnston, William M. / Larsen, Peter E.
Page 927-935, PubMed:19865634
Outcomes Assessment of Patients Treated with Osseointegrated Dental Implants at the University of Washington Graduate Prosthodontic Program, 1988 to 2000
Chung, Will Eunku / Rubenstein, Jeffrey E. / Phillips, Keith M. / Raigrodski, Ariel J.
Page 936-942, PubMed:19865635
The Nasopalatine Canal as an Anatomic Buttress for Implant Placement in the Severely Atrophic Maxilla: A Pilot Study
Peñarrocha, Miguel / Carrillo, Celia / Uribe, Roberto / García, Berta