The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 3/2010     15. May 2010
15. May 2010
Pages: 437 - 627

Page 437
Editorial: When Silver Touches Titanium
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 455-460, PubMed:20556243
Microgap Between Zirconia Abutments and Titanium Implants
Baixe, Sebastien / Fauxpoint, Gabriel / Arntz, Youri / Etienne, Olivier
Page 461-472, PubMed:20556244
Evaluation of Multiple Implant-Bone Parameters on Stress Characteristics in the Mandible Under Traumatic Loading Conditions
Guan, Hong / Staden, Rudi van / Loo, Yew-Chaye / Johnson, Newell / Ivanovski, Saso / Meredith, Neil
Page 473-481, PubMed:20556245
The Effects of Different Loading Times on the Bone Response Around Dental Implants: A Histomorphometric Study in Dogs
Jayme, Sérgio Jorge / De Oliveira, Rafael Ramos / Muglia, Valdir Antonio / Novaes, Arthur Belém Jr / Ribeiro, Ricardo Faria
Page 482-490, PubMed:20556246
Morphologic Classification and Stress Analysis of the Mandibular Bone in the Premolar Region for Implant Placement
Hudieb, Malik / Wakabayashi, Noriyuki / Suzuki, Tetsuya / Kasugai, Shohei
Page 491-498, PubMed:20556247
Comparison of the Accuracy of Invasive and Noninvasive Registration Methods for Image-Guided Oral Implant Surgery
Widmann, Gerlig / Stoffner, Rudolf / Schullian, Peter / Widmann, Roland / Keiler, Martin / Zangerl, Antoniette / Puelacher, Wolfgang / Bale, Reto Josef
Page 506-515, PubMed:20556249
Assessing the Fit of Implant Fixed Prostheses: A Critical Review
Abduo, Jaafar / Bennani, Vincent / Waddell, Neil / Lyons, Karl / Swain, Michael
Page 516-524, PubMed:20556250
Review of Dental Implant Rat Research Models Simulating Osteoporosis or Diabetes
Glösel, Barbara / Kuchler, Ulrike / Watzek, Georg / Gruber, Reinhard
Page 525-531, PubMed:20556251
Allogeneic Bone Onlay Grafts for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: A Systematic Review
Waasdorp, Jonathan / Reynolds, Mark A.
Page 540-547, PubMed:20556253
Influence of Microgap Location and Configuration on Peri-implant Bone Morphology in Nonsubmerged Implants: An Experimental Study in Dogs
Weng, Dietmar / Nagata, Maria José Hitomi / Bell, Matthias / De Melo, Luiz Gustavo Nascimento / Bosco, Alvaro Francisco
Page 548-557, PubMed:20556254
Bone Changes Around Early Loaded Chemically Modified Sandblasted and Acid-Etched Surfaced Implants With and Without a Machined Collar: A Radiographic and Resonance Frequency Analysis in the Canine Mandible
Valderrama, Pilar / Jones, Archie A. / Wilson, Thomas G. Jr / Higginbottom, Frank L. / Schoolfield, John D. / Jung, Ronald E. / Noujeim, Marcel / Cochran, David L.
Page 558-561, PubMed:20556255
Determination of Primary Stability: A Comparison of the Surgeon's Perception and Objective Measurements
Degidi, Marco / Daprile, Giuseppe / Piattelli, Adriano
Page 562-570, PubMed:20556256
A Prospective Randomized Clinical Study of Changes in Soft Tissue Position Following Immediate and Delayed Implant Placement
Van Kesteren, Christopher J. / Schoolfield, John / West, Jason / Oates, Thomas
Page 571-576, PubMed:20556257
Comparison of Two Piezoelectric Cutting Inserts for Lateral Bony Window Osteotomy: A Retrospective Study of 127 Consecutive Sites
Sohn, Dong-Seok / Moon, Jee-Won / Lee, Hyun-Woo / Choi, Byung-Ju / Shin, Im-Hee
Page 577-581, PubMed:20556258
Peri-Implant Bone Level Around Implants with Platform-Switched Abutments
Fickl, Stefan / Zuhr, Otto / Stein, Jamal M. / Hürzeler, Markus B.
Page 582-588, PubMed:20556259
Applications of Surgical Navigational Systems for Craniofacial Bone-Anchored Implant Placement
Verma, Suzanne Nicole / Schow, Sterling R. / Stone, Brian H. / Triplett, R. Gilbert
Page 607-612, PubMed:20556262
Five-Year Follow-up of Wide-Diameter Implants Placed in Fresh Molar Extraction Sockets in the Mandible: Immediate Versus Delayed Loading
Prosper, Loris / Crespi, Roberto / Valenti, Edoardo / Capparé, Paolo / Gherlone, Enrico F.
Page 613-619, PubMed:20556263
Retrospective Study of the Long-Term Survival of 980 Implants Placed in a Periodontal Practice
García-Bellosta, Sergio / Bravo, Manuel / Subirá, Carles / Echeverría, José J.
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