The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 4/2010     15. July 2010
15. July 2010
Pages: 649 - 833

Page 649
Editorial: Rules and Regulations
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 681-689, PubMed:20657862
Study of an Experimental Microthreaded Scalloped Implant Design: Proximal Bone Healing at Different Interimplant Distances in a Canine Model
Choi, Kyung-Soo / Lozada, Jaime L. / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Lee, Sang-Han / Kim, Chin-Soo / Kwon, Tae-Geon
Page 699-705, PubMed:20657864
Three-Dimensional Culture of Mandibular Human Osteoblasts on a Novel Albumin Scaffold: Growth, Proliferation, and Differentiation Potential In Vitro
Gallego, Lorena / Junquera, Luis / Meana, Álvaro / García, Eva / García, Verónica
Page 706-714, PubMed:20657865
Effects of Cortical Bone Thickness and Implant Length on Bone Strain and Interfacial Micromotion in an Immediately Loaded Implant
Tu, Ming-Gene / Hsu, Jui-Ting / Fuh, Lih-Jyh / Lin, Dan-Jae / Huang, Heng-Li
Page 715-721, PubMed:20657866
Accuracy of Impression Techniques for an Implant-Supported Prosthesis
Del'Acqua, Marcelo Antonialli / Chávez, Alejandro Muñoz / Compagnoni, Marco Antonio / De Assis Mollo, Francisco Jr
Page 722-728, PubMed:20657867
Analysis of the Attachment and Differentiation of Three-Dimensional Rotary Wall Vessel Cultured Human Preosteoblasts on Dental Implant Surfaces
Ko, Y. Joon / Zaharias, Rebecca S. / Seabold, Denise A. / Lafoon, John E. / Schneider, Galen B.
Page 729-743, PubMed:20657868
The Effect of Increased Crown-to-Implant Ratio on Single-Tooth Locking-Taper Implants
Urdaneta, Rainier A. / Rodriguez, Sujey / McNeil, D. Cary / Weed, Meghan / Chuang, Sung-Kiang
Page 744-751, PubMed:20657869
Critical Bending Moment of Four Implant-Abutment Interface Designs
Lee, Frank K. / Tan, Keson B. / Nicholls, Jack I.
Page 752-758, PubMed:20657870
Impact of Abutment Rotation and Angulation on Marginal Fit: Theoretical Considerations
Semper, Wiebke / Kraft, Silvan / Mehrhof, Jürgen / Nelson, Katja
Page 759-762, PubMed:20657871
Immediate Loading as a Vehicle for Interdisciplinary Training in Implant Placement and Restoration
Kim, Eun-Suk / Park, Eun-Jin / Schrott, Alexander / Schnitman, Paul A.
Page 771-776, PubMed:20657873
Comparison of Impression Techniques and Materials for an Implant-Supported Prosthesis
Del'Acqua, Marcelo Antonialli / Chávez, Alejandro Muñoz / Amaral, Ângela Líbia Chagas / Compagnoni, Marco Antonio / De Assis Mollo, Francisco Jr
Page 777-783, PubMed:20657874
The Effect of Miniscrew Taper Morphology on Insertion and Removal Torque in Dogs
Cha, Jung-Yul / Takano-Yamamoto, Teruko / Hwang, Chung-Ju
Page 784-790, PubMed:20657875
Immediate Loading of Two Freestanding Implants Retaining a Mandibular Overdenture: 1-Year Pilot Prospective Study
Liao, Kuo-Yang / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Lozada, Jaime L. / Herford, Alan S. / Goodacre, Charles J.
Page 791-800, PubMed:20657876
Patient Satisfaction and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes of Implant Overdentures and Fixed Complete Dentures
Brennan, Maire / Houston, Frank / O'Sullivan, Michael / O'Connell, Brian
Page 808-812, PubMed:20657878
Rehabilitation of the Nose Using CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping Technology After Ablative Surgery of Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Pilot Clinical Report
Ciocca, Leonardo / De Crescenzio, Francesca / Fantini, Massimiliano / Scotti, Roberto
Page 813-820, PubMed:20657879
Maximum Use of the Anterior Maxillary Buttress in Severe Maxillary Atrophy with Tilted, Palatally Positioned Implants: A Preliminary Study
Peñarrocha, Maria / Carrillo, Celia / Boronat-Lopez, Araceli / Peñarrocha, Miguel
Page 821-825, PubMed:20657880
Reconstruction of Severely Resorbed Maxilla with Biodegradable Polylactide Screws: Case Series
Mazzonetto, Renato / Klüppel, Leandro Eduardo / Neto, Henrique Duque Chaves de Miranda / Chessa, Jaime Giuseppe Rodriguez / Nascimento, Frederico Felipe Antonio de Oliveira
Page 826-830, PubMed:20657881
Fabrication of a Surgical Template for Orbital Implant Placement: A Case Report
Zhang, Xing / Chen, Song-ling / Zhang, Jie-mei / Chen, Jian-ling
Page 831-833, PubMed:20657882
Nonsurgical Treatment of Retrograde Peri-implantitis: A Case Report
Waasdorp, Jonathan / Reynolds, Mark A.