The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 5/2010     15. Sep. 2010
15. Sep. 2010
Pages: 861 - 1044

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Page 883-887, PubMed:20862400
Insertion Torque in Different Bone Models with Different Screw Pitch: An In Vitro Study
Orlando, Bruno / Barone, Antonio / Giorno, Thierry M. / Giacomelli, Luca / Tonelli, Paolo / Covani, Ugo
Page 893-900, PubMed:20862402
Effect of Implant Surface and Grafting on Implants Placed into Simulated Extraction Sockets: A Histologic Study in Dogs
Schuler, Ralf F. / Janakievski, Jim / Hacker, Beth M. / O'Neal, Robert B. / Roberts, Frank A.
Page 911-919, PubMed:20862404
Biomechanical Evaluation of Platform Switching in Different Implant Protocols: Computed Tomography-Based Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Pessoa, Roberto S. / Vaz, Luis Geraldo / Marcantonio, Elcio Jr / Van der Sloten, Jos / Duyck, Joke / Jaecques, Siegfried V. N.
Page 920-929, PubMed:20862405
Volumetric Determination of the Amount of Misfit in CAD/CAM and Cast Implant Frameworks: A Multicenter Laboratory Study
Drago, Carl J. / Saldarriaga, Roxana L. / Domagala, Daniel / Almasri, Riad
Page 930-938, PubMed:20862406
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Bone Formation After Maxillary Sinus Augmentation by Means of Microcomputed Tomography: A Pilot Study
Kühl, Sebastian / Götz, Hermann / Hansen, Torsten / Kreisler, Matthias / Behneke, Alexandra / Heil, Uli / Duschner, Heinz / d'Hoedt, Bernd
Page 939-946, PubMed:20862407
Alleviation of Commercial Collagen Sponge- and Membrane-Induced Apoptosis and Dysfunction in Cultured Osteoblasts by an Amino Acid Derivative
Yamada, Masahiro / Kubo, Katsutoshi / Ueno, Takeshi / Iwasa, Fuminori / Att, Wael / Hori, Norio / Ogawa, Takahiro
Page 953-959, PubMed:20862409
Comparison of Strains for Splinted and Nonsplinted Implant Prostheses Using Three-Dimensional Image Correlation
Clelland, Nancy L. / Seidt, Jeremy D. / Daroz, Luiz Gustavo Dias / McGlumphy, Edwin A.
Page 960-969, PubMed:20862410
Using the Best Available Evidence to Support Clinical Decisions in Implant Dentistry
Faggion, Clovis Mariano Jr / Schmitter, Marc
Page 970-978, PubMed:20862411
Socket Morphology-Based Treatment for Implant Esthetics: A Pilot Study
Juodzbalys, Gintaras / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 979-984, PubMed:20862412
Microvascular Response to the Subperiosteal Implantation of Self-inflating Hydrogel Expanders
See, Constantin von / Gellrich, Nils-Claudius / Bormann, Kai-Hendrik / Rahmann, Alexander / Rücker, Martin
Page 991-998, PubMed:20862414
Influence of Artificial Aging on the Load-Bearing Capability of Straight or Angulated Zirconia Abutments in Implant/Tooth-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures
Nothdurft, Frank P. / Doppler, Klaus E. / Erdelt, Kurt J. / Knauber, Andreas W. / Pospiech, Peter R.
Page 999-1006, PubMed:20862415
Accuracy of Bone Mapping and Guided Flapless Implant Placement in Human Cadavers Using a Model-Based Planning Procedure
Fitzgerald, Maurice / O'Sullivan, Michael / O'Connell, Brian / Houston, Frank
Page 1007-1010, PubMed:20862416
Immediate Loading as a Vehicle for Interdisciplinary Training in Implant Placement and Restoration
Park, Eun-Jin / Schrott, Alexander / Schnitman, Paul A.
Page 1019-1027, PubMed:20862418
A 12-year Retrospective Analytic Study of the Implant Survival Rate in 177 Consecutive Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Procedures
Cho-Lee, Gui-Youn / Naval-Gías, Luis / Castrejón-Castrejón, Sergio / Capote-Moreno, Ana Laura / González-García, Raúl / Sastre-Pérez, Jesús / Muñoz-Guerra, Mario Fernando
Page 1028-1035, PubMed:20862419
Immediate Loading of Unsplinted Implants in the Anterior Mandible for Overdentures: A Case Series
Roe, Phillip / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Lozada, Jaime L. / Kleinman, Alejandro S. / Goodacre, Charles J. / Chen, Jung-Wei
Page 1041-1044, PubMed:20862421
Maxillary Reconstruction and Placement of Dental Implants After Treatment of a Maxillary Sinus Fungus Ball
Colletti, Giacomo / Felisati, Giovanni / Biglioli, Federico / Tintinelli, Roberto / Valassina, Davide