The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 1/2011     15. Feb. 2011
15. Feb. 2011
Pages: 19 - 202

Page 19, PubMed:21387850
Editorial: The Changing World of Publishing
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 39-44, PubMed:21365036
Comparison of Ultraviolet Light-Induced Photocatalytic Bactericidal Effect on Modified Titanium Implant Surfaces
Ahn, Sug-Joon / Han, Jung-Suk / Lim, Bum-Soon / Lim, Young-Jun
Page 45-55, PubMed:21365037
The Influence of Abutment Angulation on Screw Loosening of Implants in the Anterior Maxilla
Ha, Chun-Yeo / Lim, Yung-Jun / Kim, Myung-Joo / Choi, Jung-Han
Page 56-62, PubMed:21365038
Microleakage into and from Two-Stage Implants: An In Vitro Comparative Study
Teixeira, Wendel / Ribeiro, Ricardo Faria / Sato, Sandra / Pedrazzi, Vinícius
Page 63-69, PubMed:21365039
Bone Mineral Apposition Rates at Early Implantation Times Around Differently Prepared Titanium Surfaces: A Study in Beagle Dogs
Coelho, Paulo G. / Freire, Jose N. / Granato, Rodrigo / Marin, Charles / Bonfante, Estevam A. / Gil, Jose N. / Chuang, Sung-Kiang / Suzuki, Marcelo
Page 70-74, PubMed:21365040
Comparison of Ridge Mapping and Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Planning Dental Implant Therapy
Luk, Luki C. K. / Pow, Edmond H. N. / Li, Thomas K. L. / Chow, T. W.
Page 75-82, PubMed:21365041
Early Bone Healing and Biomechanical Fixation of Dual Acid-Etched and As-Machined Implants with Healing Chambers: An Experimental Study in Dogs
Bonfante, Estevam A. / Granato, Rodrigo / Marin, Charles / Suzuki, Marcelo / Oliveira, Sergio R. / Giro, Gabriela / Coelho, Paulo G.
Page 83-90, PubMed:21365042
New Bone Formation Following Sinus Membrane Elevation Without Bone Grafting: Histologic Findings in Humans
Ahn, Jae-Jin / Cho, Sung-Am / Byrne, Gerard / Kim, Jae-Hyun / Shin, Hong-In
Page 101-107, PubMed:21365044
Bacterial Adhesion and Colonization Differences Between Zirconium Oxide and Titanium Alloys: An In Vivo Human Study
Salihoglu, Umut / Boynuegri, Duygu / Engin, Doruk / Duman, Ayse Nurcan / Gökalp, Pelin / Balos, Köksal
Page 123-131, PubMed:21365047
Histologic and Histomorphometric Evaluation of an Allograft Stem Cell-Based Matrix Sinus Augmentation Procedure
Gonshor, Aron / McAllister, Bradley S. / Wallace, Stephen S. / Prasad, Hari
Page 132-138, PubMed:21365048
Load-Bearing Capacity of Custom-Made Versus Prefabricated Commercially Available Zirconia Abutments
Hjerppe, Jenni / Lassila, Lippo V. J. / Rakkolainen, Tero / Närhi, Timo / Vallittu, Pekka K.
Page 148-153, PubMed:21365050
A Retrospective Analysis of 125 Single Molar Crowns Supported by Two Implants: Long-Term Follow-up from 3 to 12 Years
Wolfinger, Glenn J. / Balshi, Thomas J. / Wulc, Daniel A. / Balshi, Stephen F.
Page 154-162, PubMed:21365051
Retrospective Cohort Study of the Predictors of Implant Failure in the Posterior Maxilla
Conrad, Heather J. / Jung, Jae / Barczak, Michael / Basu, Saonli / Seong, Wook-Jin
Page 163-168, PubMed:21365052
Retrospective Multicenter Analysis of Immediate Provisionalization Using One-Piece Narrow-Diameter (3.0-mm) Implants
Sohn, Dong-Seok / Bae, Min-Su / Heo, Jeong-Uk / Park, Jun-Sub / Yea, Sun-Hae / Romanos, Georgios E.
Page 179-187, PubMed:21365054
Facial Gingival Tissue Stability Following Immediate Placement and Provisionalization of Maxillary Anterior Single Implants: A 2- to 8-Year Follow-up
Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Lozada, Jaime L. / Zimmerman, Grenith
Page 188-194, PubMed:21365055
Five-Year Treatment Outcomes with Three Brands of Implants Supporting Mandibular Overdentures
Akoglu, Burçin / Uçankale, Mert / Özkan, Yasar / Kulak-Özkan, Yasemin
Online Article, Page 203, PubMed:21365033
Online Article: Focal Osteoporotic Hematopoietic Bone Marrow Defect Formation Around a Dental Implant: A Case Report
Sençimen, Metin / Delilbasi, Cagri / Gülses, Aydin / Okçu, Kemal Murat / Gunhan, Omer / Varol, Altan
Online Article, Page 203, PubMed:21365035
Online Article: Micro CT and Human Histological Analysis of a Peri-Implant Osseous Defect Grafted with Porous Titanium Granules: A Case Report
Wohlfahrt, Johan Caspar / Aass, Anne Merete / Rønold, Hans Jacob / Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter