The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 3/2011     15. June 2011
15. June 2011
Pages: 463 - 672

Page 463, PubMed:21826821
Editorial: Accentuate the Positive
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 475-481, PubMed:21691593
Osteoblast-like Cell Attachment and Proliferation on Turned, Blasted, and Anodized Titanium Surfaces
Pae, Ahran / Kim, Si-Seok / Kim, Hyeong-Seob / Woo, Yi-Hyung
Page 482-491, PubMed:21691594
Platform Switching: Biomechanical Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Tabata, Lucas Fernando / Rocha, Eduardo Passos / Barao, Valentim Adelino Ricardo / Assunçao, Wirley Gonçalves
Page 492-498, PubMed:21691595
The Effects of Laser Microtexturing of the Dental Implant Collar on Crestal Bone Levels and Peri-implant Health
Botos, Spyros / Yousef, Hoda / Zweig, Barry / Flinton, Robert / Weiner, Saul
Page 499-508, PubMed:21691596
Influence of Tissue Biotype on Implant Esthetics
Fu, Jia-Hui / Lee, Angie / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 509-519, PubMed:21691597
Attachment and Proliferation of Human Osteoblast-like Cells on Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) Membranes in the Absence or Presence of Nicotine: An In Vitro Study
Papaioannou, Konstantinos A. / Markopoulou, Cleopatra E. / Gioni, Vassiliki / Mamalis, Anastasios A. / Vavouraki, Helen N. / Kletsas, Dimitris / Vrotsos, Ioannis A.
Page 520-526, PubMed:21691598
Accuracy of Implant Placement Using a CAD/CAM Surgical Guide: An In Vitro Study
Nokar, Saeid / Moslehifard, Elnaz / Bahman, Tootiaii / Bayanzadeh, Masoud / Nasirpouri, Farzad / Nokar, Arash
Page 527-537, PubMed:21691599
Effects of Occlusal Inclination and Loading on Mandibular Bone Remodeling: A Finite Element Study
Rungsiyakull, Chaiy / Rungsiyakull, Pimduen / Li, Qing / Li, Wei / Swain, Michael
Page 538-546, PubMed:21691600
Dimensional Accuracy of Pickup Implant Impression: An In Vitro Comparison of Novel Modular Versus Standard Custom Trays
Simeone, Piero / Valentini, Pier Paolo / Pizzoferrato, Roberto / Scudieri, Folco
Page 547-552, PubMed:21691601
Argon Ion Beam Polishing: A Preparation Technique for Evaluating the Interface of Osseointegrated Implants with High Resolution
Grüner, Daniel / Fäldt, Jenny / Jansson, Kjell / Shen, Zhijian
Page 553-560, PubMed:21691602
Emerging Antibacterial Biomaterial Strategies for the Prevention of Peri-implant Inflammatory Diseases
Bumgardner, Joel D. / Adatrow, Pradeep / Haggard, Warren O. / Norowski, P. Andrew
Page 571-577, PubMed:21691604
Change in Subjective Oral Health After Single Dental Implant Treatment
Ponsi, Jenni / Lahti, Satu / Rissanen, Hannele / Oikarinen, Kyösti
Page 587-592, PubMed:21691606
Radiographic Evaluation of Marginal Bone Level Around Internal-Hex Implants with Switched Platform: A Clinical Case Report Series
Duarte de Almeida, Fernando / Carvalho, Antônio Carlos Pires / Fontes, Marcelo / Pedrosa, Antonio / Costa, Rodrigo / Noleto, José Wilson / Mourão, Carlos Fernando de Almeida Barros
Page 598-606, PubMed:21691608
Comparison of Ball and Telescopic Crown Attachments in Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdentures: A 5-year Prospective Study
Krennmair, Gerald / Seemann, Rudolf / Weinländer, Michael / Piehslinger, Eva
Page 607-617, PubMed:21691609
Addressing the Atrophied Mandible: A Proposal for a Treatment Approach Involving Endosseous Implants
Raghoebar, Gerry M. / Meijer, Henny J. A. / Stellingsma, Kees / Vissink, Arjan
Page 648-656, PubMed:21691613
Maintenance of Implant-Supported Maxillary Prostheses: A 2-year Controlled Clinical Trial
Katsoulis, Joannis / Brunner, Alain / Mericske-Stern, Regina
Page 657-664, PubMed:21691614
Telescopic Magnetic Attachment for Implant-Supported Denture: Evaluation of Splint Effect
Chen, JianRong / Tomotake, Yoritoki / Watanabe, Megumi / Ishida, Yuichi / Nagao, Kan / Ichikawa, Tetsuo
Page 665-672, PubMed:21691615
Restoration of the Edentulous Maxilla Using Extrasinus Zygomatic Implants Combined with Anterior Conventional Implants: A Retrospective Study
Migliorança, Reginaldo Mário / Coppedê, Abílio / Dias Rezende, Renata C. L. / De Mayo, Thiago