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Issue 4/2011     15. Aug. 2011
15. Aug. 2011
Pages: 693 - 901

Page 693, PubMed:21941982
Editorial: What is a Diplomate?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 707-717, PubMed:21841978
Reference-Based Digital Concept to Restore Partially Edentulous Patients Following an Immediate Loading Protocol: A Pilot Study
Tahmaseb, Ali / De Clerck, Renaat / Eckert, Steven / Wismeijer, Daniel
Page 718-724, PubMed:21841979
Resonance Frequency Analysis as a Reliable Criterion for Early Loading of Sandblasted/Acid-Etched Active Surface Implants Placed by the Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation Technique
Markovic, Aleksa / Colic, Snjezana / Dražic, Radojica / Gacic, Bojan / Todorovic, Aleksandar / Stajcic, Zoran
Page 725-730, PubMed:21841980
Validation of an Osteoporotic Animal Model for Dental Implant Analyses: An In Vivo Densitometric Study in Rabbits
Martin-Monge, Elena / Tresguerres, Isabel F. / Blanco, Luis / Khraisat, Ameen / Rodríguez-Torres, Rosa / Tresguerres, Jesús A. F.
Page 731-738, PubMed:21841981
Evaluation of a Novel Calcium Phosphate-Coated Titanium Porous Oxide Implant Surface: A Study in Rabbits
Poulos, Nicholas M. / Rodriguez, Nancy A. / Lee, Jaebum / Rueggeberg, Frederick A. / Schüpbach, Peter / Hall, Jan / Susin, Cristiano / Wikesjö, Ulf M. E.
Page 746-751, PubMed:21841983
Interfacial Shear Strength of Endosseous Implants
Butz, Frank / Ogawa, Takahiro / Nishimura, Ichiro
Page 752-759, PubMed:21841984
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Different Implant Configurations for a Mandibular Fixed Prosthesis
Fazi, Giovanni / Tellini, Simone / Vangi, Dario / Branchi, Roberto
Page 760-767, PubMed:21841985
Histomorphometric and Whole-Genome Expression Analysis of Peri-implant Soft Tissue Healing: A Comparison of Flapless and Open Surgery
Mueller, Cornelia Katharina / Thorwarth, Michael / Schultze-Mosgau, Stefan
Page 776-781, PubMed:21841987
Tilted or Parallel Implant Placement in the Completely Edentulous Mandible? A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Naini, Roshanak Baghai / Nokar, Saied / Borghei, Hasti / Alikhasi, Marzieh
Page 782-787, PubMed:21841988
In Vitro Evaluation of Bacterial Leakage Along the Implant-Abutment Interface of an External-Hex Implant After Saliva Incubation
Nascimento, Cássio do / Miani, Paola Kirsten / Watanabe, Evandro / Pedrazzi, Vinícius / Ferreira de Albuquerque, Rubens Jr
Page 788-796, PubMed:21841989
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Vertical and Angular Misfit in Implant-Supported Fixed Prostheses
Assunção, Wirley Gonçalves / Gomes, Érica Alves / Rocha, Eduardo Passos / Delben, Juliana Aparecida
Page 797-806, PubMed:21841990
Load Fatigue Performance of Conical Implant-Abutment Connections
Seetoh, Y. L. / Tan, Keson B. / Chua, E. K. / Quek, H. C. / Nicholls, Jack I.
Page 807-815, PubMed:21841991
A Radiographic Analysis of Implant Component Misfit
Sharkey, Seamus / Kelly, Alan / Houston, Frank / O'Sullivan, Michael / Quinn, Frank / O'Connell, Brian
Page 826-836, PubMed:21841993
Ex Vivo Mechanical Properties of Dental Implant Bone Cement Used to Rescue Initially Unstable Dental Implants: A Rabbit Study
Seong, Wook-Jin / Kim, Hyeon-Cheol / Jeong, Soocheol / DeVeau, Dan L. / Aparicio, Conrado / Li, Yuping / Hodges, James S.
Page 837-849, PubMed:21841994
High Versus Low Implant Insertion Torque: A Histologic, Histomorphometric, and Biomechanical Study in the Sheep Mandible
Trisi, Paolo / Todisco, Marzio / Consolo, Ugo / Travaglini, Domenico
Page 860-865, PubMed:21841996
Precise Insertion of Orthodontic Miniscrews with a Stereolithographic Surgical Guide Based on Cone Beam Computed Tomography Data: A Pilot Study
Morea, Camillo / Hayek, Jorge Elias / Oleskovicz, Cesar / Dominguez, Gladys Cristina / Chilvarquer, Israel
Page 866-872, PubMed:21841997
Corticocancellous Porcine Bone in the Healing of Human Extraction Sockets: Combining Histomorphometry with Osteoblast Gene Expression Profiles In Vivo
Crespi, Roberto / Capparé, Paolo / Romanos, Georgios E. / Mariani, Elisabetta / Benasciutti, Elisa / Gherlone, Enrico
Page 873-876, PubMed:21841998
Classification of Sagittal Root Position in Relation to the Anterior Maxillary Osseous Housing for Immediate Implant Placement: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study
Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Roe, Phillip / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Patel, Rishi D. / Waki, Tomonori / Lozada, Jaime L. / Zimmerman, Grenith
Page 877-886, PubMed:21841999
Impacts of Implant Treatment on Daily Living
Al-Omiri, Mahmoud K. / Hammad, Osama Abu / Lynch, Edward / Lamey, Philip-John / Clifford, Thomas J.
Page 887-892, PubMed:21842000
Early Loading of Sandblasted and Acid-Etched Titanium Implants in the Edentulous Mandible: A Prospective 5-Year Study
Lethaus, Bernd / Kälber, Jörg / Petrin, Guido / Brandstätter, Anita / Weingart, Dieter
Page 893-901, PubMed:21842001
Clinical and Histomorphometric Observations Around Dual Acid-Etched and Calcium Phosphate Nanometer Deposited-Surface Implants
Artzi, Zvi / Nemcovsky, Carlos E. / Tal, Haim / Weinberg, Evgeny / Weinreb, Miron / Prasad, Hari / Rohrer, Michael D. / Kozlovsky, Avital