The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 1/2012     15. Feb. 2012
15. Feb. 2012
Pages: 17 - 217

Page 17, PubMed:22299074
Editorial: Establishing a Standard of Care
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 29-35, PubMed:22299075
Digitizing Implant Position Locators on Master Casts: Comparison of a Noncontact Scanner and a Contact-Probe Scanner
Holst, Stefan / Persson, Anna / Wichmann, Manfred / Karl, Matthias
Page 36-41, PubMed:22299076
Influence of Abutment Height and Surface Roughness on In Vitro Retention of Three Luting Agents
Cano-Batalla, Jordi / Soliva-Garriga, Joan / Campillo-Funollet, Marc / Muñoz-Viveros, Carlos A. / Giner-Tarrida, Lluís
Page 42-47, PubMed:22299077
Screw Loosening with Interchangeable Abutments in Internally Connected Implants After Cyclic Loading
Kim, Seong Kyun / Koak, Jai Young / Heo, Seong Joo / Taylor, Thomas D. / Ryoo, Sook / Lee, Su Young
Page 48-54, PubMed:22299078
Relationship Between Subsinus Bone Height and Bone Volume Requirements for Dental Implants: A Human Radiographic Study
Kopecka, Dana / Simunek, Antonin / Brazda, Tomas / Rota, Martin / Slezak, Radovan / Capek, Lukas
Page 55-63, PubMed:22299079
The Effect of Changes in Head Position on Enlargement of Structures During Panoramic Radiography
Pfeiffer, Peter / Bewersdorf, Sandra / Schmage, Petra
Page 64-68, PubMed:22299080
Effect of Oral Bacteria on the Mechanical Behavior of Titanium Dental Implants
Gil, Francisco Javier / Rodriguez, Ana / Espinar, Eduardo / Llamas, Jose Maria / Padullés, Esteban / Juárez, Antonio
Page 69-76, PubMed:22299081
Trends in Funding, Internationalization, and Types of Study for Original Articles Published in Five Implant-Related Journals Between 2005 and 2009
Barão, Valentim Adelino Ricardo / Shyamsunder, Nodesh / Yuan, Judy Chia-Chun / Knoernschild, Kent L. / Assunção, Wirley Gonçalves / Sukotjo, Cortino
Page 77-83, PubMed:22299082
Effect of Implant Surface Properties on Peri-Implant Bone Healing: Implant Stability and Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis
Al-Moaber, Samar H. / Al-Hamdan, Khalid / Junker, Rüdiger / Jansen, John A.
Page 84-89, PubMed:22299083
Histomorphometric Analysis Following Augmentation of the Anterior Atrophic Maxilla with Cancellous Bone Block Allograft
Nissan, Joseph / Marilena, Vered / Gross, Ora / Mardinger, Ofer / Chaushu, Gavriel
Page 90-94, PubMed:22299084
Endosseous Arteries in the Anterior Mandible: Literature Review
Romanos, Georgios E. / Gupta, Bhumija / Crespi, Roberto
Page 95-101, PubMed:22299085
Injectable Magnesium-Enriched Hydroxyapatite Putty in Peri-Implant Defects: A Histomorphometric Analysis in Pigs
Crespi, Roberto / Capparè, Paolo / Addis, Alessandro / Gherlone, Enrico
Page 102-110, PubMed:22299086
A Systematic Review of Biologic and Technical Complications with Fixed Implant Rehabilitations for Edentulous Patients
Papaspyridakos, Panos / Chen, Chun-Jung / Chuang, Sung-Kiang / Weber, Hans-Peter / Gallucci, German O.
Page 111-118, PubMed:22299087
Comparison of Restoratively Projected and Surgically Acceptable Virtual Implant Position for Mandibular Overdentures
Scarfe, William / Vaughn, William Shane / Farman, Allan G. / Harris, Bryan T. / Paris, Mary M.
Page 119-127, PubMed:22299088
In Vivo Comparison of Two Bone Substitutes in the Distal Femur of the Rabbit
Bertoldi, Carlo / Zaffe, Davide
Page 128-137, PubMed:22299089
Accuracy of a Newly Developed Open-Source System for Dental Implant Planning
Dreiseidler, Timo / Tandon, Daniel / Ritter, Lutz / Neugebauer, Jorg / Mischkowski, Robert A. / Scheer, Martin / Zoller, Joachim E.
Page 138-145, PubMed:22299090
Effect of the Platform-Switching Technique on Preservation of Peri-implant Marginal Bone: A Systematic Review
Al-Nsour, Maram M. / Chan, Hsun-Liang / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 146-154, PubMed:22299091
Biocompatibility and Biodegradation of a Native Porcine Pericardium Membrane: Results of In Vitro and In Vivo Examinations
Rothamel, Daniel / Schwarz, Frank / Fienitz, Tim / Smeets, Ralf / Dreiseidler, Timo / Ritter, Lutz / Happe, Arndt / Zöller, Joachim
Page 155-161, PubMed:22299092
Long-Term Neuromuscular Status in Overdenture and Complete Denture Patients with Severe Mandibular Atrophy
Spitzl, Caroline / Proschel, Peter / Wichmann, Manfred / Heckmann, Siegfried
Page 162-172, PubMed:22299093
Stability and Marginal Bone Loss with Three Types of Early Loaded Implants During the First Year After Loading
Liaje, Argir / Ozkan, Yasemin Kulak / Ozkan, Yasar / Vanlioglu, Burcin
Page 173-180, PubMed:22299094
Immediate Provisionalization of 3.0-mm-Diameter Implants Replacing Single Missing Maxillary and Mandibular Incisors: 1-Year Prospective Study
Oyama, Kotaro / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Lozada, Jaime
Page 181-186, PubMed:22299095
Clinical and Radiologic Evaluation of 70 Immediately Loaded Single Implants in the Maxillary Esthetic Zone: Preliminary Results After 1 Year of Functional Loading
Di Alberti, Luca / Donnini, Federica / Di Alberti, Claudio / Camerino, Michele / Sgaramella, Nicola / Muzio, Lorenzo Lo
Page 187-193, PubMed:22299096
Stability Measurements of Craniofacial Implants by Means of Resonance Frequency Analysis: 1-Year Clinical Pilot Study
Karakoca-Nemli, Secil / Aydin, Cemal / Yilmaz, Handan / Sarisoy, Senol
Page 203-210, PubMed:22299098
A Retrospective Study of the Risk Factors for Ridge Expansion with Self-Tapping Osteotomes in Dental Implant Surgery
Montero, Javier / López-Valverde, Antonio / Diego, Rafael Gómez de
Online Article, Page 218, PubMed:22299100
Online Article: Implant-Supported First Molar Restorations: Correlation of Finite Element Analysis with Clinical Outcomes
Ormianer, Zeev / Palti, Ady / Demiralp, Burak / Heller, Guillaume / Lewinstein, Israel / Khayat, Philippe G.