The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 2/2012     15. Mar. 2012
15. Mar. 2012
Pages: 247 - 466

Page 247, PubMed:22442762
Editorial: Value Added
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 265-272, PubMed:22442763
Effects of Laser Irradiation on Machined and Anodized Titanium Disks
Park, Ji-Hye / Heo, Seong-Joo / Koak, Jai-Young / Kim, Seong-Kyun / Han, Chong-Hyun / Lee, Joo-Hee
Page 273-277, PubMed:22442764
Distribution of Endosseous Bony Canals in the Mandibular Symphysis as Detected with Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Romanos, Georgios E. / Gupta, Bhumija / Davids, Rolf / Damouras, Michael / Crespi, Roberto
Page 278-287, PubMed:22442765
Translucent Titanium Coating Facilitates Observation of Osteoblast Migration Behavior on a Titanium Surface
Ho, Yi / Kok, Sang-Heng / Wang, Juo-Song / Lin, Li-Deh
Page 288-294, PubMed:22442766
Bilayer Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Maxillofacial Bone Tissue Engineering
Guda, Teja / Oh, Sunho / Appleford, Mark R. / Ong, Joo L.
Page 295-302, PubMed:22442767
Bone-Implant Interface with Simulated Insertion Stress Around an Immediately Loaded Dental Implant in the Anterior Maxilla: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Lee, Joon-Seok / Cho, In-Ho / Kim, Yung-Soo / Heo, Seong-Joo / Kwon, Ho-Beom / Lim, Young-Jun
Page 308-317, PubMed:22442769
Effects of 10 Cleaning Instruments on Four Different Implant Surfaces
Schmage, Petra / Thielemann, Julia / Nergiz, Ibrahim / Scorziello, Thomas M. / Pfeiffer, Peter
Page 318-328, PubMed:22442770
In Vitro Validation of a Novel Diagnostic Device for Intraoperative Determination of Alveolar Bone Quality
Krafft, Tim / Winter, Werner / Wichmann, Manfred / Karl, Matthias
Page 336-340, PubMed:22442772
Bone Regeneration with Algae-Derived Hydroxyapatite: A Pilot Histologic and Histomorphometric Study in Rabbit Tibia Defects
Scarano, Antonio / Perrotti, Vittoria / Degidi, Marco / Piattelli, Adriano / Iezzi, Giovanna
Page 341-345, PubMed:22442773
A Strain Gauge Analysis of Microstrain Induced by Various Splinting Methods and Acrylic Resin Types for Implant Impressions
Cerqueira, Nunes M. / Özcan, Mutlu / Gonçalves, Marianna / da Rocha, Daniel M. / Vasconcellos, Diego K. / Bottino, Marco A. / Yener-Salihoglu, Esra
Page 346-351, PubMed:22442774
Evaluation of Implant-Abutment Microgap and Bacterial Leakage in Five External-Hex Implant Systems: An In Vitro Study
Dias, Eduardo Cláudio Lopes de Chaves e Mello / Bisognin, Edecir Décio Cargnin / Harari, Nassim David / Machado, Sílvio Jorge / Silva, Cristiano Pereira da / Soares, Glória Dulce de Almeida / Vidigal, Guaracilei Maciel Jr
Page 352-358, PubMed:22442775
Osseointegration of Zirconia Implants with Different Surface Characteristics: An Evaluation in Rabbits
Hoffmann, Oliver / Angelov, Nikola / Zafiropoulos, Gregory-George / Andreana, Sebastiano
Page 359-368, PubMed:22442776
Sinus Elevation with a Cortical Bone Graft Block: A Patient-Specific Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study
Schuller-Götzburg, Peter / Entacher, Karl / Petutschnigg, Alexander / Pomwenger, Werner / Watzinger, Franz
Page 369-374, PubMed:22442777
Bone Responses to Simvastatin-Loaded Porous Implant Surfaces in an Ovariectomized Model
Yang, Guoli / Song, Lina / Guo, Caihong / Zhao, Shifang / Liu, Li / He, Fuming
Page 375-382, PubMed:22442778
Utility of Bispectral Index Monitoring During Intravenous Sedation in the Dental Office
Garcia, Juan Munoz / Marcos, Alfonso Vidal / Lozano, Andres Restoy / Garcia, Carmen Gasco
Page 383-392, PubMed:22442779
Dental Implant Thread Pitch and Its Influence on the Osseointegration Process: An In Vivo Comparison Study
Orsini, Ester / Giavaresi, Gianluca / Trirè, Alessandra / Ottani, Vittoria / Salgarello, Stefano
Page 393-400, PubMed:22442780
Horizontal and Vertical Dimensional Changes of Peri-implant Facial Bone Following Immediate Placement and Provisionalization of Maxillary Anterior Single Implants: A 1-Year Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study
Roe, Phillip / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai / Caruso, Joseph M. / Zimmerman, Grenith / Mesquida, Juan
Page 401-410, PubMed:22442781
Porous Titanium Granules in the Surgical Treatment of Peri-Implant Osseous Defects: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Wohlfahrt, Johan Caspar / Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter / Rønold, Hans Jacob / Saxegaard, Erik / Ellingsen, Jan Eirik / Karlsson, Stig / Aass, Anne Merete
Page 411-420, PubMed:22442782
Implant Site Development by Orthodontic Forced Extraction: A Preliminary Study
Amato, Francesco / Mirabella, A. Davide / Macca, Ugo / Tarnow, Dennis P.
Page 421-427, PubMed:22442783
A Retrospective Comparison of 1,022 Implants: Immediate Versus Nonimmediate
Peñarrocha-Diago, Maria / Demarchi, Carla L. / Maestre-Ferrín, Laura / Carrillo, Celia / Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel A.
Page 428-434, PubMed:22442784
A Clinical Study of Edentulous Patients Rehabilitated According to the "All on Four" Immediate Function Protocol
Crespi, Roberto / Vinci, Raffaele / Capparé, Paolo / Romanos, George E. / Gherlone, Enrico
Page 449-457, PubMed:22442787
Incidence, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Sinus Graft Infection After Sinus Floor Elevation: A Clinical Study
Urban, Istvan A. / Nagursky, Heiner / Church, Christopher / Lozada, Jaime L.