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Issue 5/2012     15. Sep. 2012
15. Sep. 2012
Pages: 993 - 1277

Page 993, PubMed:23057011
Editorial: Through Thick and Thin
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 1014-1021, PubMed:23057013
Evaluation of the Course of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve in the Mental Foramen by Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Ritter, Lutz / Neugebauer, Jörg / Mischkowski, Robert A. / Dreiseidler, Timo / Rothamel, Daniel / Richter, Uwe / Zinser, Max J. / Zöller, Joachim E.
Page 1023-1028, PubMed:23057014
Comparison of Heat Generated by Alumina-Toughened Zirconia and Stainless Steel Burs for Implant Placement
Pires, Luis Fernando S. / Tandler, Bernard / Bissada, Nabil / Duarte, Sillas Jr
Page 1029-1042, PubMed:23057015
Osteogenic Potential of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells on Smooth, Roughened, and Tricalcium Phosphate-Modified Titanium Alloy Surfaces
Colombo, John S. / Carley, Albert / Fleming, Garry J. P. / Crean, St. John / Sloan, Alastair J. / Waddington, Rachel J.
Page 1055-1060, PubMed:23057017
Influence of Diamondlike Carbon-Coated Screws on the Implant-Abutment Interface
Diez, Juliana Socas Vanoni / Brigagão, Vinicius Carvalho / Cunha, Leonardo Gonçalves / Neves, Ana Christina Claro / Silva-Concílio, Laís Regiane da
Page 1061-1067, PubMed:23057018
Effectiveness of Screw Surface Coating on the Stability of Zirconia Abutments After Cyclic Loading
Basílio, Mariana de Almeida / Butignon, Luis Eduardo / Filho, João Neudenir Arioli
Page 1069-1080, PubMed:23057019
Comparison of the Effects of Phosphate-Coated and Sandblasted Acid-Etched Titanium Implants on Osseointegration: A Microcomputed Tomographic Examination in the Canine Model
Walker, Stephen S. / Kontogiorgos, Elias D. / Dechow, Paul C. / Kerns, David G. / Nelson, Carl J. / Opperman, Lynne A.
Page 1081-1090, PubMed:23057020
Effects of Coating a Titanium Alloy with Fibronectin on the Expression of Osteoblast Gene Markers in the MC3T3 Osteoprogenitor Cell Line
Rapuano, Bruce E. / Hackshaw, Kyle M. / Schniepp, Hannes C. / MacDonald, Daniel E.
Page 1091-1095, PubMed:23057021
Analysis of the Bacterial Seal at the Implant-Abutment Interface in External-Hexagon and Morse Taper-Connection Implants: An In Vitro Study Using a New Methodology
Jaworski, Mario Eduardo / Melo, Ana Cláudia Moreira / Picheth, Cyntia Maria Telles / Sartori, Ivete Aparecida de Mattias
Page 1096-1105, PubMed:23057022
The Effect of Globin Scaffold on Osteoblast Adhesion and Phenotype Expression In Vitro
Hamdan, Ahmad A. / Loty, Sabine / Isaac, Juliane / Tayot, Jean-Louis / Bouchard, Philippe / Khraisat, Ameen / Bedral, Ariane / Sautier, Jean-Michel
Page 1106-1115, PubMed:23057023
Influence of Abutment Height and Thermocycling on Retrievability of Cemented Implant-Supported Crowns
Mehl, Christian / Harder, Sönke / Shahriari, Ahoo / Steiner, Martin / Kern, Matthias
Page 1116-1122, PubMed:23057024
Effect of Platform Switching on Collagen Fiber Orientation and Bone Resorption Around Dental Implants: A Preliminary Histologic Animal Study
Rodríguez, Xavier / Vela, Xavier / Calvo-Guirado, José Luis / Nart, José / Stappert, Christian F. J.
Page 1123-1130, PubMed:23057025
Hydroxyapatite-Coated Oral Implants: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Alsabeeha, Nabeel H. M. / Ma, Sunyoung / Atieh, Momen A.
Page 1131-1136, PubMed:23057026
Distal Cantilevers and Implant Dentistry
Romanos, Georgios E. / Gupta, Bhumija / Eckert, Steven E.
Page 1144-1150, PubMed:23057028
Sinus Floor Elevation by Osteotome: Hand Mallet Versus Electric Mallet. A Prospective Clinical Study
Crespi, Roberto / Capparè, Paolo / Gherlone, Enrico
Page 1151-1162, PubMed:23057029
A 3-Year Clinical Follow-up of Implants Placed in Two Different Biomaterials Used for Sinus Augmentation
Lindgren, Christer / Mordenfeld, Arne / Johansson, Carina B. / Hallman, Mats
Page 1163-1169, PubMed:23057030
Long-Term Marginal Bone Loss in 217 Machined-Surface Implants Placed in 68 Patients with 5 to 9 Years of Follow-up: A Retrospective Study
Mir-Mari, Javier / Mir-Orfila, Pedro / Valmaseda-Castellón, Eduard / Gay-Escoda, Cosme
Page 1170-1176, PubMed:23057031
Risk Factor Analysis Following Maxillary Sinus Augmentation: A Retrospective Multicenter Study
Testori, Tiziano / Weinstein, Roberto L. / Taschieri, Silvio / Fabbro, Massimo Del
Page 1191-1198, PubMed:23057033
Evaluation of Patient Experience and Satisfaction with Immediately Loaded Metal-Acrylic Resin Implant-Supported Fixed Complete Prosthesis
Kennedy, Kelly / Chacon, Guillermo / McGlumphy, Edwin / Johnston, William / Yilmaz, Burak / Kennedy, Patrick
Page 1216-1222, PubMed:23057037
Oral Bisphosphonates: Early Endosseous Dental Implant Success and Crestal Bone Changes. A Retrospective Study
Memon, Sayma / Weltman, Robin L. / Katancik, James A.
Page 1230-1238, PubMed:23057039
Influence of Lateral Window Dimensions on Vital Bone Formation Following Maxillary Sinus Augmentation
Avila-Ortiz, Gustavo / Wang, Hom-Lay / Galindo-Moreno, Pablo / Misch, Carl E. / Rudek, Ivan / Neiva, Rodrigo
Page 1239-1242, PubMed:23057040
Experimental Custom-Made Zirconia Abutments for Narrow Implants in Esthetically Demanding Regions: A 5-year Follow-Up
Vanlıoglu, Burçin Akoglu / Özkan, Yasar / Evren, Buket / Özkan, Yasemin Kulak
Page 1243-1248, PubMed:23057041
Retrospective Clinical Study of 988 Dual Acid-Etched Implants Placed in Grafted and Native Bone for Single-Tooth Replacement
Sesma, Newton / Pannuti, Cláudio Mendes / Cardaropoli, Giuseppe
Page 1249-1257, PubMed:23057042
Evaluation of Post-implant Buccal Bone Resorption Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography: A Clinical Pilot Study
Vera, Carolina / De Kok, Ingeborg J. / Chen, Wenjie / Reside, Glenn / Tyndall, Donald / Cooper, Lyndon F.
Page 1258-1270, PubMed:23057043
Digital Protocol for Reference-Based Guided Surgery and Immediate Loading: A Prospective Clinical Study
Tahmaseb, Ali / De Clerck, Renaat / Aartman, Irene / Wismeijer, Daniel
Page 1271-1277, PubMed:23057044
Bone Quality Evaluation: Comparison of Cone Beam Computed Tomography and Subjective Surgical Assessment
Valiyaparambil, Jayasankar V. / Yamany, Ibrahim / Ortiz, Denise / Shafer, David M. / Pendrys, David / Freilich, Martin / Mallya, Sanjay M.
Online Article, Page 1022, PubMed:23057045
Online Article: Effect of Implant Position, Angulation, and Attachment Height on Peri-Implant Bone Stress Associated with Mandibular Two-Implant Overdentures: A Finite Element Analysis
Hong, Hae Ryong / Pae, Ahran / Kim, Yooseok / Paek, Janghyun / Kim, Hyeong-Seob / Kwon, Kung-Rock
Online Article, Page 1278, PubMed:23057047
Online Article: Retrieval Technique for the Brånemark Novum Protocol: Replacement of a Lost Implant
Dantas, Talita S. / Naves, Lucas Zago / Prado, Célio J. / Moraes, Ricardo Passos F. de / Neves, Flávio Domingues das
Online Article, Page 1279, PubMed:23057048
Online Article: A New Implant for Nasal Reconstruction
Dawood, Andrew / Tanner, Susan / Hutchison, Iain
Online Article, Page 1280, PubMed:23057049
Online Article: Two-Piece Impression Procedure for Implant-Retained Orbital Prostheses
Ozcelik, Tuncer Burak / Yılmaz, Burak