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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 6/2008     15. Nov. 2008
15. Nov. 2008
Pages: 989 - 1146

Page 989, PubMed:19216267
Editorial: Who Drives This Train?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 1013-1019, PubMed:19216269
Bone Formation on Apatite-Coated Titanium Incorporated with Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Heparin
Kodama, Takashi / Goto, Tetsuya / Miyazaki, Toshiki / Takahashi, Tetsu
Page 1020-1028, PubMed:19216270
Effect of H2O2/HCl Heat Treatment of Implants on In Vivo Peri-implant Bone Formation
Yang, Guo-li / He, Fu-ming / Zhao, Shan-shan / Wang, Xiao-xiang / Zhao, Shi-fang
Page 1037-1046, PubMed:19216272
Biomechanical Comparison of Different Surface Modifications for Dental Implants
Ferguson, Stephen J. / Langhoff, Jens D. / Voelter, Katrin / Rechenberg, Brigitte von / Scharnweber, Dieter / Bierbaum, Susanne / Schnabelrauch, Matthias / Kautz, Armin R. / Frauchiger, Vinzenz M. / Mu, Thomas L.
Page 1047-1052, PubMed:19216273
Vascular Connections of the Lateral Wall of the Sinus: Surgical Effect in Sinus Augmentation
Ella, Bruno / Sédarat, Cyril / Noble, Reynald Da Costa / Normand, Eric / Lauverjat, Yves / Siberchicot, François / Caix, Philippe / Zwetyenga, Narcisse
Page 1053-1062, PubMed:19216274
Injectable Calcium Phosphate Cement as a Bone-Graft Material Around Peri-implant Dehiscence Defects: A Dog Study
Arisan, Volkan / Özdemir, Tayfun / Anil, Ata / Jansen, John A. / Özer, Kürsat
Page 1063-1070, PubMed:19216275
Histomorphometric Evaluation of Natural Mineral Combined with a Synthetic Cell-binding Peptide (P-15) in Critical-size Defects in the Rat Calvaria
Artzi, Zvi / Kozlovsky, Avital / Nemcovsky, Carlos E. / Moses, Ofer / Tal, Haim / Rohrer, Michael D. / Prasad, Hari S. / Weinreb, Miron
Page 1071-1081, PubMed:19216276
Factors Influencing Effects of Specific COX-2 Inhibitor NSAIDs on Growth and Differentiation of Mouse Osteoblasts on Titanium Surfaces
Arpornmaeklong, Premijt / Akarawatcharangura, Butsakorn / Pripatnanont, Prisana
Page 1095-1101, PubMed:19216279
Effect of Implant Support on Distal-Extension Removable Partial Dentures: In Vivo Assessment
Ohkubo, Chikahiro / Kobayashi, Mariko / Suzuki, Yasunori / Hosoi, Toshio
Page 1102-1108, PubMed:19216280
Retrospective Assessment of the Peri-implant Mucosa of Implants Inserted in Reanastomosed or Free Bone Grafts from the Fibula or Iliac Crest
Blake, Felix / Bubenheim, Michael / Heiland, Max / Pohlenz, Philipp / Schmelzle, Rainer / Gbara, Ali
Page 1109-1116, PubMed:19216281
A Retrospective Analysis of Patients Referred for Implant Placement to a Specialty Clinic: Indications, Surgical Procedures, and Early Failures
Bornstein, Michael M. / Halbritter, Sandro / Harnisch, Hendrik / Weber, Hans-Peter / Buser, Daniel
Page 1117-1122, PubMed:19216282
The Effects of Smoking on the Survival of Smooth- and Rough-Surface Dental Implants
Balshe, Ayman A. / Eckert, Steven E. / Koka, Sreenivas / Assad, Daniel A. / Weaver, Amy L.
Page 1123-1127, PubMed:19216283
Precision of Flapless Implant Placement Using Real-Time Surgical Navigation: A Case Series
Elian, Nicolas / Jalbout, Ziad N. / Classi, Anthony J. / Wexler, Alon / Sarment, David P. / Tarnow, Dennis P.
Page 1128-1132, PubMed:19216284
Correlation Between Gingival Phenotype and Schneiderian Membrane Thickness
Aimetti, Mario / Massei, Giampiero / Morra, Matteo / Cardesi, Enrico / Romano, Federica
Page 1139-1142, PubMed:19216286
Closure of Large Perforation of Sinus Membrane Using Pedicled Buccal Fat Pad Graft: A Case Report
Kim, Young-Kyun / Hwang, Jung-Won / Yun, Pil-Young
Page 1143-1146, PubMed:19216287
Mandibular Reconstruction Using Autologous Iliac Bone and Titanium Mesh Reinforced by Laser Welding for Implant Placement
Yamashita, Yoshio / Yamaguchi, Yoshimasa / Tsuji, Mitsuhiro / Shigematsu, Masahito / Goto, Masaaki