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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 2/2010     15. Mar. 2010
15. Mar. 2010
Pages: 227 - 418

Page 227
Editorial: How Do We Learn?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 239-246, PubMed:20369081
Stress Patterns on Implants in Prostheses Supported by Four or Six Implants: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Silva, Guilherme Carvalho / Mendonça, José Alfredo / Lopes, Luiza Randazzo / Landre jr., Janés
Page 247-257, PubMed:20369082
Parameters of Passive Fit Using a New Technique to Mill Implant-Supported Superstructures: An In Vitro Study of a Novel Three-Dimensional Force Measurement-Misfit Method
Tahmaseb, Ali / Van de Weijden, J. J. / Mercelis, Peter / De Clerck, Renaat / Wismeijer, Daniel
Page 258-265, PubMed:20369083
Evaluation of Maxillary Sinus Anatomy by Cone-Beam CT Prior to Sinus Floor Elevation
Neugebauer, Jörg / Ritter, Lutz / Mischkowski, Robert A. / Dreiseidler, Timo / Scherer, Philipp / Ketterle, Matthias / Rothamel, Daniel / Zöller, Joachim E.
Page 266-277, PubMed:20369084
A Systematic Review of Marginal Bone Loss Around Implants Retaining or Supporting Overdentures
Çehreli, Murat Cavit / Karasoy, Durdu / Kökat, Ali Murat / Akça, Kıvanç / Eckert, Steven E.
Page 278-286, PubMed:20369085
Effect of Phosphate Treatment of Acid-Etched Implants on Mineral Apposition Rates Near Implants in a Dog Model
Foley, Christine Hyon / Kerns, David G. / Hallmon, William W. / Rivera-Hidalgo, Francisco / Nelson, Carl J. / Spears, Robert / Dechow, Paul C. / Opperman, Lynne A.
Page 287-294, PubMed:20369086
Effect of Ultraviolet Photoactivation of Titanium on Osseointegration in a Rat Model
Ueno, Takeshi / Yamada, Masahiro / Hori, Norio / Suzuki, Takeo / Ogawa, Takahiro
Page 305-308, PubMed:20369088
Awareness of Dental Implants as a Treatment Choice in Urban Indian Populations
Chowdhary, Ramesh / Mankani, Nivedita / Chandraker, Neeraj Kumar
Page 309-314, PubMed:20369089
Influence of Transmucosal Designs of Three One- Piece Implant Systems on Early Tissue Responses: A Histometric Study in Beagle Dogs
Kim, Sunjai / Oh, Kwang-Chul / Han, Dong-Hoo / Heo, Seong-Joo / Ryu, In-Chul / Kwon, Joo-Hyun / Han, Chong Hyun
Page 315-320, PubMed:20369090
Osseointegration of Anodized Titanium Implants Coated with Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)/Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor by Electrospray
Lee, Su Young / Koak, Jai Young / Heo, Seong Joo / Kim, Seong Kyun / Lee, Seung Jin / Nam, Seung Yeon
Page 321-328, PubMed:20369091
Bone Density at Implant Sites and Its Relationship to Assessment of Bone Quality and Treatment Outcome
Bergkvist, Göran / Koh, Kwang-Joon / Sahlholm, Sten / Klintström, Eva / Lindh, Christina
Page 329-335, PubMed:20369092
The Efficacy of Full-Arch Immediately Restored Implant-Supported Reconstructions in Extraction and Healed Sites: A 36-Month Retrospective Evaluation
Artzi, Zvi / Kohen, Jerry / Carmeli, Guy / Karmon, Benny / Lor, Ariel / Ormianer, Zeev
Page 345-350, PubMed:20369094
Immediate Implant Placement and Restoration in the Esthetic Zone: A Prospective Study with 18 Months of Follow-up
Tortamano, Pedro / Camargo, Luiz Otávio Alves / Bello-Silva, Marina Stella / Kanashiro, Lúcio Hirokuni
Page 351-356, PubMed:20369095
Survival of Splinted Mini-Implants After Contamination with Stainless Steel
Jofre, Jorge / Conrady, Yuri / Carrasco, Claudia
Page 357-366, PubMed:20369096
Clinical Outcome of Root-Shaped Dental Implants of Various Diameters: 5-Year Results
Krennmair, Gerald / Seemann, Rudolf / Schmidinger, Stefan / Ewers, Rolf / Piehslinger, Eva
Page 367-373, PubMed:20369097
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Dental Implant Therapy in a Practice-Based Network (FOCUS)
Stanford, Clark M. / Wagner, Wilfried / Rodriguez y Baena, Ruggero / Norton, Michael R. / McGlumphy, Edwin A. / Schmidt, Joseph
Page 374-378, PubMed:20369098
Assessment of the Availability of Bone Volume for Grafting in the Donor Retromolar Region Using Computed Tomography: A Pilot Study
Cremonini, Caio Cesar / Dumas, Marianna / Pannuti, Cláudio / Lima, Luiz Antonio Pugliesi Alves de / Cavalcanti, Marcelo Gusmão Paraíso
Page 379-384, PubMed:20369099
Initial Speech Problems in Patients Treated with Multiple Zygomatic Implants
Bothur, Stefan / Garsten, Marie
Page 394-400, PubMed:20369101
Prospective Clinical Evaluation of 307 Single-Tooth Morse Taper-Connection Implants: A Multicenter Study
Mangano, Carlo / Mangano, Francesco / Piattelli, Adriano / Iezzi, Giovanna / Mangano, Alberto / La Colla, Luca
Page 401-415, PubMed:20369102
Immediate Placement or Immediate Restoration/Loading of Single Implants for Molar Tooth Replacement: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Atieh, Momen A. / Payne, Alan G. T. / Duncan, Warwick J. / De Silva, Rohana K. / Cullinan, Mary P.