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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 3/2012     15. June 2012
15. June 2012
Pages: 491 - 707

Page 491, PubMed:22616041
Editorial: What Happened to the Large Studies?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 505-512, PubMed:22616042
Bending Moments and Types of Failure of Zirconia and Titanium Abutments with Internal Implant-Abutment Connections: A Laboratory Study
Leutert, Christian R. / Stawarczyk, Bogna / Truninger, Thomas C. / Hämmerle, Christoph H. F. / Sailer, Irena
Page 523-527, PubMed:22616044
A Novel Device for Resonance Frequency Assessment of One-Piece Implants
Gabay, Eran / Cohen, Omer / Machtei, Eli E.
Page 537-543, PubMed:22616046
Marginal Accuracy of Three Implant-Ceramic Abutment Configurations
Baldassarri, Marta / Hjerppe, Jenni / Romeo, Davide / Fickl, Stefan / Thompson, Van P. / Stappert, Christian F. J.
Page 544-550, PubMed:22616047
Comparison of the Accuracy of Plastic and Metal Stock Trays for Implant Impressions
Del'Acqua, Marcelo Antonialli / Dorigatti de Avila, Érica / Amaral, Ângela Líbia Chagas / Pinelli, Lígia Antunes Pereira / de Assis Mollo jr., Francisco
Page 551-560, PubMed:22616048
Leakage of Saliva Through the Implant-Abutment Interface: In Vitro Evaluation of Three Different Implant Connections Under Unloaded and Loaded Conditions
Nascimento, Cássio do / Miani, Paola Kirsten / Pedrazzi, Vinícius / Gonçalves, Reginaldo Bruno / Faria Ribeiro, Ricardo / Faria, Adriana Cláudia Lapria / Macedo, Ana Paula / Ferreira de Albuquerque, Rubens Junior
Page 561-565, PubMed:22616049
Assessment of Osteointegrative Response Around Dental Implants Using Technetium 99-Methylene Diphosphate Scintigraphy: A Comparison of Two Implant Surfaces in a Rabbit Model
Sánchez-Garcés, M. Ángeles / Manzanares-Céspedes, M. Cristina / Berini-Aytés, Leonardo / Gay-Escoda, Cosme
Page 577-585, PubMed:22616051
Changes in Retention Force with Electroplated Copings on Conical Crowns: A Comparison of Gold and Zirconia Primary Crowns
Bayer, Stefan / Kraus, Dominik / Keilig, Ludger / Gölz, Lina / Stark, Helmut / Enkling, Norbert
Page 587-594, PubMed:22616052
Evaluation of Guided Bone Regeneration with Poly(lactic Acid-Co-Glycolic Acid-Co-ε-Caprolactone) Porous Membrane in Lateral Bone Defects of the Canine Mandible
Matsumoto, Goichi / Hoshino, Jyunichi / Kinoshita, Yasuhiko / Sugita, Yoshihiko / Kubo, Katsutoshi / Maeda, Hatsuhiko / Arimura, Hidetoshi / Matsuda, Syojiro / Ikada, Yoshito / Kinoshita, Yukihiko
Page 595-603, PubMed:22616053
Incidental Findings from a Retrospective Study of 318 Cone Beam Computed Tomography Consultation Reports
Pette, Gregory A. / Norkin, Frederic J. / Ganeles, Jeffrey / Hardigan, Patrick / Lask, Enrique / Zfaz, Samuel / Parker, William
Page 604-610, PubMed:22616054
Comparison of Immediate and Delayed Implants in the Maxillary Molar Region: A Retrospective Study of 123 Implants
Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Demarchi, Carla Leandro / Maestre-Ferrín, Laura / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel / Peñarrocha-Diago, María
Page 611-618, PubMed:22616055
Two-year Evaluation of a Variable-Thread Tapered Implant in Extraction Sites with Immediate Temporization: A Multicenter Clinical Trial
McAllister, Bradley S. / Cherry, James E. / Kolinski, Martin L. / Parrish, Kenneth D. / Pumphrey, David W. / Schroering, Robert L.
Page 619-627, PubMed:22616056
Development of Implant Stability During Early Healing of Immediately Loaded Implants
Simunek, Antonin / Kopecka, Dana / Brazda, Tomas / Strnad, Jakub / Capek, Lukas / Slezak, Radovan
Page 634-643, PubMed:22616058
Application and Success of Two Stereolithographic Surgical Guide Systems for Implant Placement with Immediate Loading
Abboud, Marcus / Wahl, Gerhard / Guirado, José Luis Calvo / Orentlicher, Gary
Page 644-654, PubMed:22616059
The Survival of Ultrashort Locking-Taper Implants
Urdaneta, Rainier A. / Daher, Shadi / Leary, Joseph / Emanuel, Kimberly M. / Chuang, Sung-Kiang
Page 655-663, PubMed:22616060
Accuracy of Implant Placement with a Stereolithographic Surgical Template
Cassetta, Michele / Stefanelli, Luigi V. / Giansanti, Matteo / Calasso, Sabrina
Page 671-676, PubMed:22616062
Expression of Interleukin 6 and Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in Soft Tissue over Ceramic and Metal Implant Materials Before Uncovering: A Clinical Pilot Study
Nickenig, Hans-Joachim / Schlegel, Karl Andreas / Wichmann, Manfred / Eitner, Stephan
Page 677-683, PubMed:22616063
Intracoronal Mandibular Kennedy Class I Implant-Tooth-Supported Removable Partial Overdenture: A 2-Year Multicenter Prospective Study
El Mekawy, Nesreen Hanm / El-Negoly, Salwa Abd El-Raof / Grawish, Mohammed El-Awady / El-Hawary, Yousry Mahmoud
Page 684-694, PubMed:22616064
Association Between Microbial Flora and Tissue Abnormality Around Dental Implants Penetrating the Skin in Reconstructed Oral Cancer Patients
Ahmed, Ayman / Chambers, Mark S. / Goldschmidt, Millicent C. / Habib, Ahmed / Lei, Xiudong / Jacob, Rhonda F.
Page 695-702, PubMed:22616065
Assessment of Rehabilitation in Edentulous Patients Treated with an Immediately Loaded Complete Fixed Mandibular Prosthesis Supported by Three Implants
Rivaldo, Elken Gomes / Montagner, Aline / Nary, Hugo / Frasca, Luis Carlos da Fontoura / Brånemark, Per-Ingvar
Page 703-707, PubMed:22616066
Digitally Designed Surgical Guides for Placing Extraoral Implants in the Mastoid Area
Van der Meer, W. Joerd / Vissink, Arjan / Raghoebar, Gerry M. / Visser, Anita
Online Article, Page 528, PubMed:22616067
Online Article: Influence of Crown-to-Implant Ratio, Retention System, Restorative Material, and Occlusal Loading on Stress Concentrations in Single Short Implants
Sotto-Maior, Bruno Salles / Senna, Plinio Mendes / da Silva, Wander José / Rocha, Eduardo Passos / Del Bel Cury, Altair Antoninha
Online Article, Page 566, PubMed:22616068
Online Article: The Effect of Prosthesis Length and Implant Diameter on the Stress Distribution in Tooth-Implant-Supported Prostheses: A Finite Element Analysis
Assis de Paula, Gustavo / Soares da Mota, Adérito / Moreira, Allyson Nogueira / Silami de Magalhães, Cláudia / Cornacchia, Tulimar Pereira Machado / Cimini jr., Carlos Alberto
Online Article, Page 586, PubMed:22616069
Online Article: Stress Distribution on Scalloped Implants with Different Microthread and Connection Configurations Using Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Choi, Kyung-soo / Park, Seong-hun / Lee, Jae-hoon / Jeon, Young-chan / Yun, Mi-jung / Jeong, Chang-mo