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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 4/2012     15. July 2012
15. July 2012
Pages: 735 - 956

Page 735, PubMed:22848873
Editorial: On Widening the Stream
Eckert, Steven E. / Zarb, George A.
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Page 736-738, PubMed:22848874
On Crestal/Marginal Bone Loss Around Dental Implants
Albrektsson, Tomas / Buser, Daniel / Sennerby, Lars
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Page 762-769, PubMed:22848876
Comparison of Point-of-Care Methods for Preparation of Platelet Concentrate (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
Weibrich, Gernot / Kleis, Wilfried K. G. / Streckbein, Philipp / Moergel, Maximilian / Hitzler, Walter E. / Hafner, Gerd
Page 770-775, PubMed:22848877
Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Bone Changes Following Ridge Preservation Procedures
Clozza, Emanuele / Biasotto, Matteo / Cavalli, Fabio / Moimas, Loredana / Di Lenarda, Roberto
Page 776-784, PubMed:22848878
Alkali and Heat Treatment of Titanium Implant Material for Bioactivity
Hamouda, Ibrahim M. / Enan, Enas T. / Al-Wakeel, Essam E. / Yousef, Mostafa K. M.
Page 785-791, PubMed:22848879
Zirconia Implant Abutments: Microstructural Analysis
Vaquero-Aguilar, Cristina / Jiménez-Melendo, Manuel / Torres-Lagares, Daniel / Llena-Blasco, Oriol / Bruguera, August / Llena-Blasco, Jaime / García-Calderón, Manuel / Velázquez-Cayón, Rocío / Gutiérrez-Pérez, José-Luis
Page 793-800, PubMed:22848880
Influence of Methodologic Aspects on the Results of Implant-Abutment Interface Microleakage Tests: A Critical Review of In Vitro Studies
da Silva-Neto, João Paulo / de Arruda Nóbilo, Mauro Antônio / Amante Penatti, Mário Paulo / Simamoto jr., Paulo Cézar / Domingues das Neves, Flávio
Page 801-810, PubMed:22848881
Surface Alterations of Several Dental Materials by a Novel Ultrasonic Scaler Tip
Seol, Hyon-Woo / Heo, Seong-Joo / Koak, Jai-Young / Kim, Seong-Kyun / Baek, Seung-Ho / Lee, Su-Young
Page 811-819, PubMed:22848882
Microbial Community Composition on Modified Dental Implant Surfaces: An In Vivo Study
Rehman, Ateequr / Hu, Jun / Ott, Stephan Johannes / Grössner-Schreiber, Birte
Page 820-823, PubMed:22848883
The Effect of Screw Length on Fracture Load and Abutment Strain in Dental Implants with External Abutment Connections
Kim, Byung-Jun / Yeo, In-Sung / Lee, Joo-Hee / Kim, Seong-Kyun / Heo, Seong-Joo / Koak, Jai-Young
Page 824-831, PubMed:22848884
An In Vitro Model to Evaluate the Accuracy of Guided Surgery Systems
Soares, Márcio Macedo / Harari, Nassim David / Cardoso, Eduardo Seixas / Manso, Marcelo Corrêa / Conz, Márcio Baltazar / Vidigal jr., Guaracilei Maciel
Page 833-838, PubMed:22848885
An In Vitro Comparison of Joint Stability of Implant-Supported Fixed Prosthetic Suprastructures Retained with Different Prosthetic Screws and Levels of Fit Under Masticatory Simulation Conditions
Farina, Ana Paula / Spazzin, Aloísio Oro / Pantoja, Juliana Maria Costa Nuñez / Consani, Rafael Leonardo Xediek / Mesquita, Marcelo Ferraz
Page 839-848, PubMed:22848886
Influence of Preparation Mode and Depth on the Fracture Strength of Zirconia Ceramic Abutments Restored with Lithium Disilicate Crowns
Koutayas, Spiridon-Oumvertos / Mitsias, Miltiadis / Wolfart, Stefan / Kern, Matthias
Page 849-858, PubMed:22848887
The Effect of Enamel Matrix Derivative on Spreading, Proliferation, and Differentiation of Osteoblasts Cultured on Zirconia
Wada, Yoshiyuki / Mizuno, Morimichi / Nodasaka, Yoshinobu / Tamura, Masato
Page 859-864, PubMed:22848888
Cement Application Techniques in Luting Implant-Supported Crowns: A Quantitative and Qualitative Survey
Wadhwani, Chandur / Hess, Timothy / Piñeyro, Alfonso / Opler, Richard / Chung, Kwok-Hung
Page 875-887, PubMed:22848890
Assessment of Potential Orthodontic Mini-implant Insertion Sites Based on Anatomical Hard Tissue Parameters: A Systematic Review
AlSamak, Saeed / Gkantidis, Nikolaos / Bitsanis, Elias / Christou, Panagiotis
Page 888-893, PubMed:22848891
Correlation Between Dental Implant Insertion Torque and Mandibular Alveolar Bone Density in Osteopenic and Osteoporotic Subjects
Chai, John / Chau, Anson C. M. / Chu, Frederick C. S. / Chow, Tak W.
Page 927-934, PubMed:22848896
Inward-Inclined Implant Platform for the Amplified Platform-Switching Concept: 18-Month Follow-up Report of a Prospective Randomized Matched-Pair Controlled Trial
Canullo, Luigi / Rosa, Jose Carlo / Pinto, Vicente Souza / Francischone, Carlos Eduardo / Götz, Werner
Page 935-944, PubMed:22848897
Clinical Outcomes of Single Dental Implants with External Connections: Results After 2 to 13 Years
Camargos, Germana De Villa / Prado, Célio Jesus do / Neves, Flavio Domingues das / Sartori, Ivete Aparecida de Mattias
Online Article, Page 998, PubMed:22848899
Online Article: Peri-implant Bone Remodeling Around an Extraction Socket: Predictions of Bone Maintenance by Finite Element Method
Chou, Hsuan-Yu / Romanos, Georgios / Müftü, Ali / Müftü, Sinan
Online Article, Page 999, PubMed:22848900
Online Article: Biomechanical Effect of a Zirconia Dental Implant-Crown System: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Chang, Chih-Ling / Chen, Chen-Sheng / Yeung, Tze Cheung / Hsu, Ming-Lun