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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 6/2012     1. Dec. 2012
1. Dec. 2012
Pages: 1311 - 1592

Page 1311, PubMed:23189280
Editorial: A Truly International Journal
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 1323-1331, PubMed:23189281
Survival of Short Dental Implants for Treatment of Posterior Partial Edentulism: A Systematic Review
Atieh, Mohammad A. / Zadeh, Homayoun / Stanford, Clark M. / Cooper, Lyndon F.
Page 1332-1339, PubMed:23189282
Effect of Strontium-Substituted Nanohydroxyapatite Coating of Porous Implant Surfaces on Implant Osseointegration in a Rabbit Model
Yang, Guo-li / Song, Li-na / Jiang, Qiao-hong / Wang, Xiao-xiang / Zhao, Shi-fang / He, Fu-ming
Page 1340-1350, PubMed:23189283
Comparison of Three Inoculation Methods for Bone Tissue Engineering
Cheng, Gu / Chen, Xi / Li, Zhi / Lu, Hui / Davide, Ongodia / Li, Zubing
Page 1351-1358, PubMed:23189284
Evaluation of a Porcine Matrix With and Without Platelet-Derived Growth Factor for Bone Graft Coverage in Pigs
Herford, Alan S. / Lu, Mei / Akin, Lee / Cicciù, Marco
Page 1359-1374, PubMed:23189285
Systematic Assessment of Clinical Outcomes in Bone-Level and Tissue-Level Endosseous Dental Implants
Vouros, Ioannis D. / Kalpidis, Christos D. R. / Horvath, Attila / Petrie, Aviva / Donos, Nikolaos
Page 1382-1388, PubMed:23189287
Increased Intraosseous Temperature Caused by Ultrasonic Devices During Bone Surgery and the Influences of Working Pressure and Cooling Irrigation
Birkenfeld, Falk / Becker, Merlind Erika / Harder, Sönke / Lucius, Ralph / Kern, Matthias
Page 1389-1399, PubMed:23189288
Bone Regeneration with Rabbit Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Bone Graft Materials
Lee, Ji-Eun / Heo, Seong-Joo / Koak, Jai-Young / Kim, Seong-Kyun / Han, Chong-Hyun
Page 1400-1408, PubMed:23189289
Bone Regeneration in Osteoporotic Conditions: Healing of Subcritical-Size Calvarial Defects in the Ovariectomized Rat
Durão, Sara F. O. / Gomes, Pedro S. / Silva-Marques, José M. / Fonseca, Hélder R. M. / Carvalho, João F. C. / Duarte, José A. R. / Fernandes, Maria H. R.
Page 1409-1412, PubMed:23189290
Assessment of Leakage at the Implant-Abutment Connection Using a New Gas Flow Method
Fauroux, Marie-Alix / Levallois, Bernard / Yachouh, Jacques / Torres, Jacques-Henri
Page 1422-1428, PubMed:23189292
The Effect of Impression Technique and Implant Angulation on the Impression Accuracy of External- and Internal-Connection Implants
Mpikos, Pavlos / Tortopidis, Dimitrios / Galanis, Christos / Kaisarlis, George / Koidis, Petros
Page 1429-1437, PubMed:23189293
Efficacy and Predictability of Short Dental Implants (< 8 mm): A Critical Appraisal of the Recent Literature
Srinivasan, Murali / Vazquez, Lydia / Rieder, Philippe / Moraguez, Osvaldo / Bernard, Jean-Pierre / Belser, Urs C.
Page 1438-1442, PubMed:23189294
Reliability of Voxel Gray Values in Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Preoperative Implant Planning Assessment
Parsa, Azin / Ibrahim, Norliza / Hassan, Bassam / Motroni, Alessandro / van der Stelt, Paul / Wismeijer, Daniel
Page 1443-1447, PubMed:23189295
Effects of Systemic Zoledronic Acid Administration on Osseointegration of Hydroxyapatite-Coated and Resorbable Blast Material Surface Implants in Rabbit Models
Yaman, Ferhan / Agaçayak, Serkan / Atılgan, Serhat / Benlidayı, Emre / Ucan, Musa Can / Erol, Behçet / Kaya, Beyza / Gunay, Ahmet / Guven, Sedat
Page 1448-1455, PubMed:23189296
Fracture Resistance of Crowns Cemented on Titanium and Zirconia Implant Abutments: A Comparison of Monolithic Versus Manually Veneered All-Ceramic Systems
Martínez-Rus, Francisco / Ferreiroa, Alberto / Özcan, Mutlu / Bartolomé, José F. / Pradíes, Guillermo
Page 1461-1473, PubMed:23189298
Air Powder Abrasive Treatment as an Implant Surface Cleaning Method: A Literature Review
Tastepe, Ceylin S. / van Waas, Rien / Liu, Yuelian / Wismeijer, Daniel
Page 1474-1480, PubMed:23189299
Biotribological Behavior of Two Retrieved Implant Abutment Screws after Long-Term Use In Vivo
Al Jabbari, Youssef S. / Fournelle, Raymond A. / Zinelis, Spiros / Iacopino, Anthony M.
Page 1481-1493, PubMed:23189300
Localized Bone Augmentation with Cortical Bone Blocks Tented over Different Particulate Bone Substitutes: A Retrospective Study
Khojasteh, Arash / Behnia, Hossein / Shayesteh, Yadollah Soleymani / Morad, Golnaz / Alikhasi, Marzieh
Page 1494-1500, PubMed:23189301
Bone Response to Submerged Implants in Organ Transplant Patients: A Prospective Controlled Study
Montebugnoli, Lucio / Venturi, Mattia / Cervellati, Fabio
Page 1501-1508, PubMed:23189302
Use of 8-mm and 9-mm Implants in Atrophic Alveolar Ridges: 10-Year Results
Mertens, Christian / Meyer-Bäumer, Amelie / Kappel, Hannes / Hoffmann, Jürgen / Steveling, Helmut G.
Page 1514-1519, PubMed:23189304
Evaluation of Buccal Alveolar Bone Dimension of Maxillary Anterior and Premolar Teeth: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Investigation
Vera, Carolina / De Kok, Ingeborg J. / Reinhold, Dominik / Limpiphipatanakorn, Praephun / Yap, Alan K. W. / Tyndall, Donald / Cooper, Lyndon F.
Page 1520-1526, PubMed:23189305
Effects of Implant Surgery on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate During Sedation with Propofol and Midazolam
Ueno, Daisuke / Sato, Junichi / Nejima, Jun / Maruyama, Keisuke / Kobayashi, Mariko / Iketani, Toshikazu / Sekiguchi, Rei / Kawahara, Hiroshi
Page 1527-1533, PubMed:23189306
Restoration of Immediately Loaded Implants in a Minimal Number of Appointments: A Retrospective Study of Clinical Effectiveness
Ercoli, Carlo / Geminiani, Alessandro / Lee, Heeje / Feng, Changyong / Poggio, Carlo E.
Page 1534-1540, PubMed:23189307
Immediate Loading of Tooth-Implant-Supported Telescopic Mandibular Prostheses
Romanos, George E. / May, Stephan / May, Dittmar
Page 1541-1546, PubMed:23189308
The Influence of Substitute Materials on Bone Density After Maxillary Sinus Augmentation: A Microcomputed Tomography Study
Kühl, Sebastian / Götz, Hermann / Brochhausen, Christoph / Jakse, Norbert / Filippi, Andreas / d'Hoedt, Bernd / Kreisler, Matthias
Page 1547-1553, PubMed:23189309
Modified Surgical Protocol for Placing Implants in the Pterygomaxillary Region: Clinical and Radiologic Study of 454 Implants
Rodríguez, Xavier / Méndez, Victor / Vela, Xavier / Segalà, Maribel
Page 1554-1559, PubMed:23189310
Two-Year Follow-up of Early- and Conventionally-Placed Two-Stage Implants Supporting Fixed Prostheses
Bekcioglu, Burak / Sagirkaya, Elcin / Karasoy, Durdu / Cehreli, Murat
Page 1560-1568, PubMed:23189311
Patient Preference and Satisfaction with Implant-Supported Mandibular Overdentures Retained with Ball or Locator Attachments: A Crossover Clinical Trial
Krennmair, Gerald / Seemann, Rudolf / Fazekas, Andres / Ewers, Rolf / Piehslinger, Eva
Page 1569-1575, PubMed:23189312
Immediate Restoration of Delayed Placement of Dental Implants in Patients with Treated Periodontal Disease: 1-Year Results
Horwitz, Jacob / Levin, Liran / Gabay, Eran / Zuabi, Otman / Machtei, Eli E.
Page 1576-1583, PubMed:23189313
Marginal Bone Loss Around Tilted Implants in Comparison to Straight Implants: A Meta-Analysis
Monje, Alberto / Chan, Hsun-Liang / Suarez, Fernando / Galindo-Moreno, Pablo / Wang, Hom-Lay
Online Article, Page 1598, PubMed:23189316
Online Article: Distribution of Micromotion in Implants and Alveolar Bone with Different Thread Profiles in Immediate Loading: A Finite Element Study
Chang, Pei-Kun / Chen, Yung-Chuan / Huang, Ching-Chieh / Lu, Wei-Hua / Chen, Yi-Chun / Tsai, Hsun-Heng