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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 3/2013     10. June 2013
10. June 2013
Pages: 651 - 920

Page 651-652, PubMed:23748294
Editorial: Does Anyone Really Benefit from Turf Wars?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 670-676, doi:10.11607/jomi.3008, PubMed:23748296
Grafting the Nasal Cavity with 100% Anorganic Bovine Bone: A Clinical and Histomorphometric Pilot Report
Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo de Almeida / Novaes jr., Arthur Belém / Martinelli, Carolina Borges / Almeida, Adriana Luisa Gonçalvez / Batitucci, Roberta Grasselli
Page 677-686, doi:10.11607/jomi.2977, PubMed:23748297
Osseointegration of Dental Implants Placed into Canine Mandibular Bone Regenerated by Bone Transport Distraction Osteogenesis
Kontogiorgos, Elias / Elsalanty, Mohammed E. / Zakhary, Ibrahim / Nagy, William W. / Dechow, Paul C. / Opperman, Lynne A.
Page 687-693, doi:10.11607/jomi.2990, PubMed:23748298
The Precision of Fit of Cast and Milled Full-Arch Implant-Supported Restorations
Paniz, Gianluca / Stellini, Edoardo / Meneghello, Roberto / Cerardi, Andrea / Gobbato, Edoardo Alvise / Bressan, Eriberto
Page 694-700, doi:10.11607/jomi.2952, PubMed:23748299
Surface Characterization, Biomechanical, and Histologic Evaluation of Alumina and Bioactive Resorbable Blasting Textured Surfaces in Titanium Implant Healing Chambers: An Experimental Study in Dogs
Witek, Lukasz / Marin, Charles / Granato, Rodrigo / Bonfante, Estevam A. / Campos, Felipe E. B. / Gomes, Julio Bisinotto / Suzuki, Marcelo / Coelho, Paulo G.
Page 701-709, doi:10.11607/jomi.2891, PubMed:23748300
Peri-implantitis Progression Around Thin Sputtered Hydroxyapatite-Coated Implants: Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation in Dogs
Madi, Marwa / Zakaria, Osama / Noritake, Kanako / Fuji, Masaki / Kasugai, Shohei
Page 710-720, doi:10.11607/jomi.2913, PubMed:23748301
Alterations in Bone Quality After Socket Preservation with Grafting Materials: A Systematic Review
Chan, Hsun-Liang / Lin, Guo-Hao / Fu, Jia-Hui / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 721-728, doi:10.11607/jomi.2853, PubMed:23748302
Maxillary Sinus Augmentation with Porous Titanium Granules: A Microcomputed Tomography and Histologic Evaluation of Human Biopsy Specimens
Verket, Anders / Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter / Rasmusson, Lars / Haanæs, Hans Reidar / Wallström, Mats / Wall, Gert / Wohlfahrt, Johan Caspar
Page 729-738, doi:10.11607/jomi.2819, PubMed:23748303
The Effects of Simulated Bone Loss on the Implant-Abutment Assembly and Likelihood of Fracture: An In Vitro Study
Manzoor, Behzad / Suleiman, Mahmood / Palmer, Richard M.
Page 739-746, doi:10.11607/jomi.3083, PubMed:23748304
Osseointegration of Implants in Irradiated Bone With and Without Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: An Experimental Study in Rat Tibiae
Nyberg, Jan / Hertzman, Sven / Svensson, Börje / Johansson, Carina B.
Page 749-756, doi:10.11607/jomi.2825, PubMed:23748305
Evaluation of the Osteogenic Activity of the BMP-2 Mimetic Peptide, PEP7, In Vitro and In Vivo
Kang, Eun-Jung / Kim, Su-Kyung / Eom, Tae-Gwan / Choi, Kyoo-Ok / Lee, Tae-Ho
Page 757-763, doi:10.11607/jomi.2719, PubMed:23748306
Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Alterations of the Buccolingual Width of the Alveolar Ridge After Immediate Implant Placement Associated with the Use of a Synthetic Bone Substitute
Assaf, Jamal Hassan / Zanatta, Fabricio Batistin / de Brito jr., Rui Barbosa / França, Fabiana Mantovani Gomes
Page 767-773, doi:10.11607/jomi.2208, PubMed:23748307
Bone Augmentation in a Titanium Cap with a Porous Surface Modified by Microarc Oxidation
Guo, Zehong / Zhou, Lei / Rong, Mingdeng / Ding, Jingwen / Zhu, Andi / Li, Shaobing / Lu, Haibin
Page 775-781, doi:10.11607/jomi.2448, PubMed:23748308
Comparison of Osseointegration Between Laser-Etched and Magnesium-Incorporated Oxidized Implants in the Rabbit Femur
Kang, Sang-Hwan / Cho, Jin Hyun / Park, Sang-Hun / Toothaker, Randall / Cho, Sung-Am
Page 783-789, doi:10.11607/jomi.2140, PubMed:23748309
Flapless Single-Tooth Immediate Implant Placement
Carvalho, Breno Carnevalli Franco de / Carvalho, Elaine Manso Oliveira Franco de / Consani, Rafael Leonardo Xediek
Page 790-797, doi:10.11607/jomi.2783, PubMed:23748310
Effects of a Calcium Phosphate-Coated and Anodized Titanium Surface on Early Bone Response
Koh, Jung-Woo / Kim, Young-Sung / Yang, Jae-Ho / Yeo, In-Sung
Page 798-802, doi:10.11607/jomi.3066, PubMed:23748311
Predictors of Peri-implant Bone Loss During Long-Term Maintenance of Patients Treated with 10-mm Implants and Single Crown Restorations
De la Rosa, Manuel / Rodríguez, Angel / Sierra, Katia / Mendoza, Gerardo / Chambrone, Leandro
Page 803-806, doi:10.11607/jomi.3005, PubMed:23748312
Displacement of Screw-Retained Single Crowns into Implants with Conical Internal Connections
Yilmaz, Burak / Seidt, Jeremy D. / McGlumphy, Edwin A. / Clelland, Nancy L.
Page 807-814, doi:10.11607/jomi.3022, PubMed:23748313
The Effect of Healing Abutment Reconnection and Disconnection on Soft and Hard Peri-implant Tissues: A Short-Term Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Koutouzis, Theofilos / Koutouzis, Giasemi / Gadalla, Hana / Neiva, Rodrigo
Page 815-823, doi:10.11607/jomi.3087, PubMed:23748314
Clinical Evaluation of Marginal Bone Loss and Stability in Two Types of Submerged Dental Implants
Gultekin, Alper / Gultekin, Pinar / Leblebicioglu, Binnaz / Basegmez, Cansu / Yalcin, Serdar
Page 824-830, doi:10.11607/jomi.2994, PubMed:23748315
Early-Loaded One-Stage Implants Retaining Mandibular Overdentures by Two Different Mechanisms: 5-Year Results
Akca, Kivanc / Cavusoglu, Yeliz / Sagirkaya, Elcin / Cehreli, Murat Cavit
Page 831-840, doi:10.11607/jomi.3024, PubMed:23748316
Clinical Outcome and Peri-implant Findings of Four-Implant-Supported Distal Cantilevered Fixed Mandibular Prostheses: Five-Year Results
Krennmair, Gerald / Seemann, Rudolf / Weinländer, Michael / Krennmair, Stefan / Piehslinger, Eva
Page 841-845, doi:10.11607/jomi.3223, PubMed:23748317
Long-Term Results After Immediate Loading of Platform-Switched Implants in Smokers Versus Nonsmokers with Full-Arch Restorations
Romanos, Georgios E. / Gaertner, Kathrin / Aydin, Erhan / Nentwig, Georg-Hubertus
Page 846-853, doi:10.11607/jomi.2964, PubMed:23748318
Localized Lateral Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Block Bone Grafts: Simultaneous Versus Delayed Implant Placement: A Clinical and Radiographic Retrospective Study
Peñarrocha-Diago, Maria / Aloy-Prósper, Amparo / Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Guirado, Jose Luis Calvo / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel
Page 854-859, doi:10.11607/jomi.2768, PubMed:23748319
A Retrospective Analysis of Mandibular Bone Height Changes Associated with 81 Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Prostheses with Distal Cantilevers: A Long-Term Follow-up Analysis
Dhima, Matilda / Balshi, Thomas / Wolfinger, Glenn / Petropoulos, Vicki C. / Balshi, Stephen
Page 860-868, doi:10.11607/jomi.2793, PubMed:23748320
A Retrospective Study of Complications Associated with 100 Consecutive Maxillary Sinus Augmentations via the Lateral Window Approach
Lee, Hung-Wen / Lin, Wei-Shao / Morton, Dean
Page 869-874, doi:10.11607/jomi.2679, PubMed:23748321
Electrical Mallet in Implants Placed in Fresh Extraction Sockets with Simultaneous Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation
Crespi, Roberto / Capparè, Paolo / Gherlone, Enrico Felice
Page 875-882, doi:10.11607/jomi.2821, PubMed:23748322
Retrospective Study of the Survival and Associated Risk Factors of Wedge-Shaped Implants
Morales-Vadillo, Rafael / Leite, Fabíola Pessôa Pereira / Guevara-Canales, Janet / Netto, Henrique Duque / Chaves, Maria das Graças Afonso Miranda / Cruz, Fernando / Cruz, Gustavo / Cruz-Pierce, Silvia / Cruz, Mauro
Page 883-890, doi:10.11607/jomi.2654, PubMed:23748323
Clinical, Microbiologic, and Host Response Characteristics in Patients with Peri-implant Mucositis
Ata-Ali, Javier / Flichy-Fernández, Antonio Juan / Ata-Ali, Fadi / Peñarrocha-Diago, María / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel
Page 891-895, doi:10.11607/jomi.2397, PubMed:23748324
Immediate Loading of Brånemark System TiUnite and Machined-Surface Implants in the Posterior Mandible, Part II: A Randomized Open-Ended 9-Year Follow-up Clinical Trial
Rocci, Antonio / Rocci, Marta / Rocci, Cecilia / Scoccia, Andrea / Gargari, Marco / Martignoni, Massimiliano / Gottlow, Jan / Sennerby, Lars
Page 896-904, doi:10.11607/jomi.2211, PubMed:23748325
Dental Zirconia Implants up to Three Years in Function: A Retrospective Clinical Study and Evaluation of Prosthetic Restorations and Failures
Gahlert, Michael / Burtscher, Doris / Pfundstein, George / Grunert, Ingrid / Kniha, Heinz / Roehling, Stefan
Page 905-910, doi:10.11607/jomi.2894, PubMed:23748326
Transnasal Endoscopic Removal of Dental Implants from the Maxillary Sinus
Matti, Elina / Emanuelli, Enzo / Pusateri, Alessandro / Muniz, Carolina C. S. / Pagella, Fabio
Page 911-916, doi:10.11607/jomi.2627, PubMed:23748327
Classification of Molar Extraction Sites for Immediate Dental Implant Placement: Technical Note
Smith, Richard B. / Tarnow, Dennis P.
Page 917-920, doi:10.11607/jomi.2666, PubMed:23748328
Human Dental Implants with a Sandblasted, Acid-Etched Surface Retrieved After 5 and 10 Years: A Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy Evaluation of Two Cases
Mangano, Carlo / Perrotti, Vittoria / Raspanti, Mario / Mangano, Francesco / Luongo, Giuseppe / Piattelli, Adriano / Iezzi, Giovanna
Online Article, Page 747, doi:10.11607/jomi.2813, PubMed:23748329
Online Article: Stress Distribution in the Abutment and Retention Screw of a Single Implant Supporting a Prosthesis with Platform Switching
Alvarez-Arenal, Angel / Segura-Mori, Luis / Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Ignacio / Gago, Angel
Online Article, Page 748, doi:10.11607/jomi.2965, PubMed:23748330
Online Article: The Effect of Platform Switching on Stress in Peri-implant Bone in a Condition of Marginal Bone Resorption: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Xia, Haibin / Wang, Min / Ma, Li / Zhou, Yi / Li, Zhiyong / Wang, Yining
Online Article, Page 764, doi:10.11607/jomi.2885, PubMed:23748331
Online Article: Implant Biomechanical Stability Variation at Early Implantation Times in Vivo: An Experimental Study in Dogs
Gomes, Julio B. / Campos, Felipe E. / Marin, Charles / Teixeira, Hellen S. / Bonfante, Estevam A. / Suzuki, Marcelo / Witek, Lukasz / Zanetta-Barbosa, Darceny / Coelho, Paulo G.
Online Article, Page 765, doi:10.11607/jomi.2335, PubMed:23748332
Online Article: Experimental and Numeric Stress Analysis of Titanium and Zirconia One-Piece Dental Implants
Mobilio, Nicola / Stefanoni, Filippo / Contiero, Paolo / Mollica, Francesco / Catapano, Santo
Online Article, Page 766, doi:10.11607/jomi.2467, PubMed:23748333
Online Article: The Effect of Cantilevered Bar Length on Strain Around Two Implants Supporting a Mandibular Overdenture
Elsyad, Moustafa Abdou / Al-Mahdy, Yasmeen Fathy / Salloum, Mahmoud Gamal / Elsaih, Ehab Abdelnabi
Online Article, Page 774, doi:10.11607/jomi.2304, PubMed:23748334
Online Article: Finite Element Analysis of Zygomatic Implants in Intrasinus and Extramaxillary Approaches for Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Severely Atrophic Maxillae
Ishak, Muhammad Ikman / Kadir, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul / Sulaiman, Eshamsul / Kasim, Noor Hayaty Abu
Online Article, Page 782, doi:10.11607/jomi.2481, PubMed:23748335
Online Article: Influence of Three Types of Abutments on Preload Values Before and After Cyclic Loading with Structural Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscopy
Butignon, Luis Eduardo / Basílio, Mariana de Almeida / Pereira, Rodrigo de Paula / Filho, João Neudenir Arioli