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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 4/2013     23. July 2013
23. July 2013
Pages: 947 - 1146

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Page 957-962, doi:10.11607/jomi.2664, PubMed:23869352
Plasma of Argon Accelerates Murine Fibroblast Adhesion in Early Stages of Titanium Disk Colonization
Canullo, Luigi / Cassinelli, Clara / Gotz, Werner / Tarnow, Dennis
Page 963-972, doi:10.11607/jomi.2421, PubMed:23869353
Effects of Anodized Titanium with Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) Peptide Immobilized Via Chemical Grafting or Physical Adsorption on Bone Cell Adhesion and Differentiation
Ryu, Jae-Jun / Park, Kyeongsoon / Kim, Hyo-Sop / Jeong, Chang-Mo / Huh, Jung-Bo
Page 973-981, doi:10.11607/jomi.2729, PubMed:23869354
Preparation of Thermoplastic Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Membranes for Guided Bone Regeneration
Asano, Kazunari / Matsuno, Tomonori / Tabata, Yasuhiko / Satoh, Tazuko
Page 982-988, doi:10.11607/jomi.2594, PubMed:23869355
Antimicrobial Peptide Coating of Dental Implants: Biocompatibility Assessment of Recombinant Human Beta Defensin-2 for Human Cells
Warnke, Patrick H. / Voss, Eske / Russo, Paul A. J. / Stephens, Sebastien / Kleine, Michael / Terheyden, Hendrik / Liu, Qin
Page 989-995, doi:10.11607/jomi.2938, PubMed:23869356
Effects of Implant System, Impression Technique, and Impression Material on Accuracy of the Working Cast
Wegner, Kerstin / Weskott, Katharina / Zenginel, Martha / Rehmann, Peter / Wostmann, Bernd
Page 996-1002, doi:10.11607/jomi.2937, PubMed:23869357
A Comparison of Precision of Fit, Rotational Freedom, and Torque Loss with Copy-Milled Zirconia and Prefabricated Titanium Abutments
Alikhasi, Marzieh / Monzavi, Abbas / Bassir, Seyed Hossein / Naini, Roshanak Baghai / Khosronedjad, Nasim / Keshavarz, Sareh
Page 1003-1008, doi:10.11607/jomi.2997, PubMed:23869358
Effect of Aging and Porcelain Sintering on Rotational Freedom of Internal-Hex One-Piece Zirconia Abutments
Prisco, Rosario / Santagata, Mario / Vigolo, Paolo
Page 1009-1016, doi:10.11607/jomi.3036, PubMed:23869359
Novel Cell-Free Regeneration of Bone Using Stem Cell-Derived Growth Factors
Katagiri, Wataru / Osugi, Masashi / Kawai, Takamasa / Ueda, Minoru
Page 1017-1025, doi:10.11607/jomi.2855, PubMed:23869360
Survey of Currently Selected Dental Implants and Restorations by Prosthodontists
Cardoso, Richard C. / Gerngross, Peter J. / Dominici, John T. / Kiat-amnuay, Sudarat
Page 1027-1036, doi:10.11607/jomi.3030, PubMed:23869361
Physicochemical, Pharmacologic, and in Vitro Cellular Effects of Loading Collagen Membranes with Zoledronic Acid
Liao, Jian / Meng, YanHua / Zhai, JunJiang / Wen, Cai / Ten, MinHua / Tian, Ai / Wang, Yong / Liang, Xing
Page 1037-1047, doi:10.11607/jomi.3091, PubMed:23869362
Diamondlike Carbon Coating as a Galvanic Corrosion Barrier Between Dental Implant Abutments and Nickel-Chromium Superstructures
Ozkomur, Ahmet / Erbil, Mehmet / Akova, Tolga
Page 1049-1061, doi:10.11607/jomi.2670, PubMed:23869363
Surgical Techniques for Alveolar Socket Preservation: A Systematic Review
Orgeas, Gianluca Vittorini / Clementini, Marco / De Risi, Valeria / de Sanctis, Massimo
Page 1068-1075, doi:10.11607/jomi.3057, PubMed:23869365
In Vitro Radiographic Detection of Cement Overhangs on Cement-Retained Implant Restorations
Antonijevic, Djordje / Obradovic-Djuricic, Kosovka / Rakocevic, Zoran / Medigovic, Ivana
Page 1076-1089, doi:10.11607/jomi.2925, PubMed:23869366
The Effectiveness of Barrier Membranes on Bone Regeneration in Localized Bony Defects: A Systematic Review
Khojasteh, Arash / Soheilifar, Sepideh / Mohajerani, Hassan / Nowzari, Hessam
Page 1090-1100, doi:10.11607/jomi.2980, PubMed:23869367
Rehabilitation of Children with Ectodermal Dysplasia. Part 1: An International Delphi Study
Klineberg, Iven / Cameron, Angus / Whittle, Terry / Hobkirk, John / Bergendal, Birgitta / Maniere, Marie-Cecile / King, Nigel / Palmer, Richard / Hobson, Ross / Stanford, Clark / Kurtz, Kenneth / Sharma, Arun / Guckes, Albert
Page 1101-1109, doi:10.11607/jomi.2981, PubMed:23869368
Rehabilitation of Children with Ectodermal Dysplasia. Part 2: An International Consensus Meeting
Klineberg, Iven / Cameron, Angus / Hobkirk, John / Bergendal, Birgitta / Maniere, Marie-Cecile / King, Nigel / Watkins, Sophie / Hobson, Ross / Stanford, Clark / Kurtz, Kenneth / Sharma, Arun
Page 1110-1115, doi:10.11607/jomi.2940, PubMed:23869369
Comparative Clinical Study of Three-Unit Fixed Partial Prostheses Supported by Two or Three Implants
Yi, Yang-Jin / Lee, Ji-Young / Kim, Young-Kyun
Page 1116-1124, doi:10.11607/jomi.3119, PubMed:23869370
Immediate Versus Conventional Loading for the Maxilla with Implants Placed into Fresh and Healed Extraction Sites to Support a Full-Arch Fixed Prosthesis: Nonrandomized Controlled Clinical Study
Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Covani, Ugo / Aparicio, Arnau / Ata-Ali, Javier / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel / Peñarrocha-Diago, Maria
Page 1126-1131, doi:10.11607/jomi.2161, PubMed:23869371
Long-Term Effect of Overdenture Bar Design on Peri-implant Tissues
Lehmann, Karl Martin / Kämmerer, Peer W. / Karbach, Julia / Scheller, Herbert / Al-Nawas, Bilal / Wagner, Wilfried
Page 1132-1139, doi:10.11607/jomi.3009, PubMed:23869372
Clinical Performance and Peri-implant Parameters of 132 Implants Supporting Locator-Retained Overdentures: A Case Series of 33 Patients
Troeltzsch, Matthias / Troeltzsch, Volker / Brodine, Alan H. / Frankenberger, Roland / Messlinger, Karl / Troeltzsch, Markus
Page 1140-1146, doi:10.11607/jomi.3001, PubMed:23869373
Palatal Positioning of Implants in Severely Atrophic Edentulous Maxillae: Five-Year Cross-Sectional Retrospective Follow-up Study
Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Candel-Martí, Eugenia / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel / Martínez-González, Jose María / Aragoneses, Juan Manuel / Peñarrocha-Diago, María
Online Article, Page 1026, doi:10.11607/jomi.3052, PubMed:23869374
Online Article: Vertical Fracture and Marginal Bone Loss of Internal-Connection Implants: A Finite Element Analysis
Jimbo, Ryo / Halldin, Anders / Janda, Martin / Wennerberg, Ann / Vandeweghe, Stefan
Online Article, Page 1048, doi:10.11607/jomi.2447, PubMed:23869375
Online Article: Finite Element Comparison of 10 Orthodontic Microscrews with Different Cortical Bone Parameters
Marcé-Nogué, Jordi / Walter, Andre / Gil, Lluís / Puigdollers, Andreu
Online Article, Page 1125, doi:10.11607/jomi.2503, PubMed:23869376
Online Article: Peri-implant Bone Response Around a Human Hydroxyapatite-Coated Implant Retrieved After a 10-Year Loading Period: A Case Report
Iezzi, Giovanna / Malchiodi, Luciano / Quaranta, Alessandro / Ghensi, Paolo / Piattelli, Adriano
Online Article, Page 1147, doi:10.11607/jomi.3143, PubMed:23869377
Online Article: A Dental Implant in the Infratemporal Fossa: Case Report
Nocini, Pier Francesco / De Santis, Daniele / Morandini, Biancastella / Procacci, Pasquale