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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 6/2013     20. Dec. 2013
20. Dec. 2013
Pages: 1447 - 1662

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Page 1464-1469, doi:10.11607/jomi.2854, PubMed:24278913
Internal Bone Temperature Change During Guided Surgery Preparations for Dental Implants: An In Vitro Study
Migliorati, Marco / Amorfini, Leonardo / Signori, Alessio / Barberis, Fabrizio / Biavati, Armando Silvestrini / Benedicenti, Stefano
Page 1470-1482, doi:10.11607/jomi.2945, PubMed:24278914
Long-term Outcome of One-Piece Implants. Part II: Prosthetic Outcomes. A Systematic Literature Review with Meta-Analysis
Barrachina-Díez, José M. / Tashkandi, Esam / Stampf, Susanne / Att, Wael
Page 1483-1489, doi:10.11607/jomi.3168, PubMed:24278915
The Effect of Subgingival Ozone and/or Hydrogen Peroxide on the Development of Peri-implant Mucositis: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
McKenna, Daniel F. / Borzabadi-Farahani, Ali / Lynch, Edward
Page 1490-1495, doi:10.11607/jomi.3164, PubMed:24278916
Additive Manufacturing Technology (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) as a Novel Approach to Fabricate Functionally Graded Titanium Implants: Preliminary Investigation of Fabrication Parameters
Lin, Wei-Shao / Starr, Thomas L. / Harris, Bryan T. / Zandinejad, Amirali / Morton, Dean
Page 1497-1505, doi:10.11607/jomi.3142, PubMed:24278917
Essential Oils and Zirconia Dental Implant Materials
Al-Radha, Afya Sahib Diab / Younes, Charles / Diab, Ban Sahib / Jenkinson, Howard F.
Page 1506-1511, doi:10.11607/jomi.3133, PubMed:24278918
Osseointegration of Oral Implants After Delayed Placement in Rabbits: A Microcomputed Tomography and Histomorphometric Study
Anil, Sukumaran / Cuijpers, Vincent M. J. I. / Preethanath, Reghunathan S. / Aldosari, Abdullah Al Farraj / Jansen, John A.
Page 1512-1520, doi:10.11607/jomi.2958, PubMed:24278919
Evaluation of Accuracy of Complete-Arch Multiple-Unit Abutment-Level Dental Implant Impressions Using Different Impression and Splinting Materials
Buzayan, Muaiyed / Baig, Mirza Rustum / Yunus, Norsiah
Page 1521-1529, doi:10.11607/jomi.2570, PubMed:24278920
Analysis of Bacterial Flora Associated with Peri-implantitis Using Obligate Anaerobic Culture Technique and 16S rDNA Gene Sequence
Tamura, Naoki / Ochi, Morio / Miyakawa, Hiroshi / Nakazawa, Futoshi
Page 1530-1535, doi:10.11607/jomi.3227, PubMed:24278921
Impact of Implantoplasty on Strength of the Implant-Abutment Complex
Chan, Hsun-Liang / Oh, Won-Suck / Ong, Hwei Sze / Fu, Jia-Hui / Steigmann, Marius / Sierraalta, Marianella / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 1536-1545, doi:10.11607/jomi.3244, PubMed:24278922
The Effect of Keratinized Mucosa Width on Peri-implant Health: A Systematic Review
Gobbato, Luca / Avila-Ortiz, Gustavo / Sohrabi, Keyvan / Wang, Chin-Wei / Karimbux, Nadeem
Page 1546-1551, doi:10.11607/jomi.2502, PubMed:24278923
Matrix Metalloproteinases 2, 3, 8, 9, and 13 in the Peri-implant Soft Tissues Around Titanium and Zirconium Oxide Healing Caps
Degidi, Marco / Artese, Luciano / Franceschini, Nicola / Sulpizio, Sara / Piattelli, Adriano / Piccirilli, Marcello / Perrotti, Vittoria / Iezzi, Giovanna
Page 1564-1569, doi:10.11607/jomi.3093, PubMed:24278925
Correction of Buccal Dehiscence at the Time of Implant Placement Without Barrier Membranes: A Retrospective Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Study
Cortes, Arthur Rodriguez Gonzalez / Cortes, Djalma Nogueira / Arita, Emiko Saito
Page 1570-1580, doi:10.11607/jomi.3174, PubMed:24278926
Piezoelectric Alveolar Ridge-Splitting Technique with Simultaneous Implant Placement: A Cohort Study with 2-Year Radiographic Results
Bassetti, Renzo / Bassetti, Mario / Mericske-Stern, Regina / Enkling, Norbert
Page 1581-1588, doi:10.11607/jomi.3037, PubMed:24278927
Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics and Bone Density Analysis of the Implant-Bone Interface in a Pre- and Postmortem Human Subject
Sheets, Cherilyn G. / Hui, Dee Dee / Bajaj, Vaibhav / Earthman, James C.
Page 1589-1601, doi:10.11607/jomi.3232, PubMed:24278928
Photofunctionalized Dental Implants: A Case Series in Compromised Bone
Funato, Akiyoshi / Ogawa, Takahiro
Page 1602-1611, doi:10.11607/jomi.3180, PubMed:24278929
A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Two Types of Tapered Implants on Immediate Loading in the Posterior Maxilla and Mandible
Kim, Young-Kyun / Lee, Jong-Ho / Lee, Ji-Young / Yi, Yang-Jin
Page 1612-1618, doi:10.11607/jomi.3277, PubMed:24278930
Assessment of Removed Dental Implants in Finland from 1994 to 2012
Antalainen, Anna-Kaisa / Helminen, Mika / Forss, Helena / Sándor, George K. / Wolff, Jan
Page 1619-1628, doi:10.11607/jomi.3067, PubMed:24278931
Comparison of Retention and Stability of Implant-Retained Overdentures Based upon Implant Number and Distribution
Scherer, Michael D. / McGlumphy, Edwin A. / Seghi, Robert R. / Campagni, Wayne V.
Page 1630-1638, doi:10.11607/jomi.2747, PubMed:24278932
In Vivo Osteogenesis and In Vitro Streptococcus mutans Adherence: Porous-Surfaced Cylindrical Implants vs Rough-Surfaced Threaded Implants
Prado, Renata Falchete do / Vasconcellos, Luis Gustavo Oliveira de / Vasconcellos, Luana Marotta Reis de / Cairo, Carlos Alberto Alves / Leite, Daniel de Oliveira / Santos, Alessandra dos / Jorge, Antônio O. C. / Romeiro, Rogério de Lima / Balducci, Ivan
Page 1639-1647, doi:10.11607/jomi.2909, PubMed:24278933
In Vitro Effects of a Chemically Modified Titanium Surface on Ethanol-Exposed Osteoblasts
Torricelli, Paola / Fini, Milena / Giavaresi, Gianluca / Rimondini, Roberto / Chiesa, Roberto / Rimondini, Lia
Page 1655-1662, doi:10.11607/jomi.2833, PubMed:24278935
Biocompatibility and Microstructural Analysis of Osteopromotive Property of Allogenic Demineralized Dentin Matrix
Bakhshalian, Neema / Hooshmand, Shirin / Campbell, Sara C. / Kim, Jeong-Su / Brummel-Smith, Kenneth / Arjmandi, Bahram H.
Online Article, Page 315-320, doi:10.11607/jomi.3153, PubMed:24278936
Online Article: The Effect of Implant Connection Length on the Dimensional Impression Accuracy of Inclined Implants
Ehsani, Sara / Siadat, Hakimeh / Alikhasi, Marzieh
Online Article, Page 321-329, doi:10.11607/jomi.3029, PubMed:24278937
Online Article: Mechanical Comparison of Experimental Conical-Head Abutment Screws with Conventional Flat-Head Abutment Screws for External-Hex and Internal Tri-Channel Implant Connections: An In Vitro Evaluation of Loosening Torque
Coppedê, Abílio Ricciardi / Faria, Adriana Cláudia Lapria / de Mattos, Maria da Gloria Chiarello / Rodrigues, Renata Cristina Silveira / Shibli, Jamil Awad / Ribeiro, Ricardo Faria
Online Article, Page 331-348, doi:10.11607/jomi.te14, PubMed:24278951
Online Article: Experience with Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 and Interpositional Grafting of Edentulous Maxillae: A Comparison of Le Fort I Downfracture to Full-Arch (Horseshoe) Segmental Osteotomy Done in Conjunction with Sinus Floor Grafting
Jensen, Ole T. / Cottam, Jared R. / Ringeman, Jason L. / Leopardi, Aldo / Butler, Brian / Laviv, Amir / Fleissig, Yoram / Casapz, Nardy
Online Article, Page 349-356, doi:10.11607/jomi.te15, PubMed:24278938
Online Article: Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Confined by an Imperforate Titanium Shell over High-Profile Dental Implants in Rabbit Tibiae: A Pilot Bone Augmentation Study
Casap, Nardy / Laster, Zvi / Laviv, Amir / Debecco, Meir / Alterman, Michael / Cottam, Jared / Jensen, Ole T.
Online Article, Page 357-367, doi:10.11607/jomi.te16, PubMed:24278939
Online Article: The Use of a Magnesium-Based Bone Cement to Secure Immediate Dental Implants
Sehlke, Brandon M. / Wilson, Thomas G. / Jones, Archie A. / Yamashita, Motofumi / Cochran, David L.
Online Article, Page 369-375, doi:10.11607/jomi.te17, PubMed:24278952
Online Article: Acceleration of Wound Healing with Stem Cell-Derived Growth Factors
Tamari, Masayuki / Nishino, Yudai / Yamamoto, Noriyuki / Ueda, Minoru
Online Article, Page 376-385, doi:10.11607/jomi.te18, PubMed:24278953
Online Article: Zygomatic Implant Placement in Conjunction with Sinus Bone Grafting: The"Extended Sinus Elevation Technique." A Case-Cohort Study
Hinze, Marc / Vrielinck, Luc / Thalmair, Tobias / Wachtel, Hannes / Bolz, Wolfgang
Online Article, Page 386-392, doi:10.11607/jomi.te19, PubMed:24278940
Online Article: Effects of the Permeability of Shields with Autologous Bone Grafts on Bone Augmentation
Ikeno, Masayuki / Hibi, Hideharu / Kinoshita, Kazuhiko / Hattori, Hisashi / Ueda, Minoru
Online Article, Page 393-414, doi:10.11607/jomi.te20, PubMed:24278954
Online Article: Temporomandibular Disorders: A Review of Etiology, Clinical Management, and Tissue Engineering Strategies
Murphy, Meghan K. / MacBarb, Regina F. / Wong, Mark E. / Athanasiou, Kyriacos A.
Online Article, Page 424-431, doi:10.11607/jomi.te22, PubMed:24278955
Online Article: Cell-Based Regenerative Approaches to the Treatment of Oral Soft Tissue Defects
Bates, Damien / Kampa, Peggy
Online Article, Page 432-439, doi:10.11607/jomi.te23, PubMed:24278942
Online Article: In Vitro and In Vivo Osteoinductive and Osteoconductive Properties of a Synthetic Bone Substitute
Conserva, Enrico / Foschi, Federico / Cancedda, Ranieri / Mastrogiacomo, Maddalena
Online Article, Page 440-450, doi:10.11607/jomi.te24, PubMed:24278943
Online Article: Osteoblastic Differentiation of Human Stem Cells Derived from Bone Marrow and Periodontal Ligament Under the Effect of Enamel Matrix Derivative and Transforming Growth Factor-Beta
Houshmand, Behzad / Behnia, Hossein / Khoshzaban, Ahad / Morad, Golnaz / Behrouzi, Gholamreza / Dashti, Seyedeh Ghazaleh / Khojasteh, Arash
Online Article, Page 451-460, doi:10.11607/jomi.te25, PubMed:24278944
Online Article: Mesenchymal Dental Stem Cells for Tissue Regeneration
Honda, Masaki J. / Watanabe, Eri / Mikami, Yoshikazu / Saito, Yoko / Toriumi, Taku / Shirakawa, Tetsuo / Shimizu, Noriyoshi / Watanabe, Nobukazu / Isokawa, Keitaro
Online Article, Page 461-471, doi:10.11607/jomi.te26, PubMed:24278956
Online Article: Periodontal Tissue Engineering: Defining the Triad
Maeda, Hidefumi / Fujii, Shinsuke / Tomokiyo, Atsushi / Wada, Naohisa / Akamine, Akifumi
Online Article, Page 472-477, doi:10.11607/jomi.te27, PubMed:24278945
Online Article: Regulatory Effects of Inflammatory and Biomechanical Signals on Regenerative Periodontal Healing
Deschner, James / Nokhbehsaim, Marjan
Online Article, Page 478-486, doi:10.11607/jomi.te28, PubMed:24278957
Online Article: Transcription Factors for Dental Stem Cell Differentiation
Viale-Bouroncle, Sandra / Felthaus, Oliver / Schmalz, Gottfried / Reichert, Torsten E. / Morsczeck, Christian
Online Article, Page 487-493, PubMed:24278946
Online Article: Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Periodontal Tissue Engineering
Tobita, Morikuni / Mizuno, Hiroshi
Online Article, Page 494-502, doi:10.11607/jomi.te30, PubMed:24278958
Online Article: Somatic Stem Cell Biology and Periodontal Regeneration
Zhu, Bin / Liu, Yihan / Li, Dehua / Jin, Yan
Online Article, Page 503-511, doi:10.11607/jomi.te31, PubMed:24278947
Online Article: The Role of Systemically Delivered Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Regeneration of Periodontal Tissues
Yu, Meijiao / Ge, Shaohua / Wang, Fang / Wen, Yong / Yan, Xinlong / Zeng, Quan / Yue, Wen / Yang, Pishan / Pei, Xuetao
Online Article, Page 521-534, doi:10.11607/jomi.te33, PubMed:24278948
Online Article: Molecular Assessment of Osseointegration In Vivo: A Review of the Current Literature
Thalji, Ghadeer / Cooper, Lyndon F.
Online Article, Page 535-546, doi:10.11607/jomi.te34, PubMed:24278949
Online Article: Nanotechnology for Dental Implants
Tomsia, Antoni P. / Lee, Janice S. / Wegst, Ulrike G. K. / Saiz, Eduardo
Online Article, Page 547-555, doi:10.11607/jomi.te35, PubMed:24278960
Online Article: Effect of Proline-Rich Synthetic Peptide-Coated Titanium Implants on Bone Healing in a Rabbit Model
Petzold, Christiane / Monjo, Marta / Rubert, Marina / Reinholt, Finn P. / Gomez-Florit, Manuel / Ramis, Joana Maria / Ellingsen, Jan Eirik / Lyngstadaas, S. Petter
Online Article, Page 556-561, doi:10.11607/jomi.te36, PubMed:24278950
Online Article: A Novel Dental Implant System with an Internal Port for Endoscopic Closed Sinus Augmentation: A Feasibility Study in Pigs
Nahlieli, Oded / Casap, Nardy / Moshonov, Joshua / Zagury, Amy / Michali, Eli / Samuni, Yuval