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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 3/2016     13. May 2016
13. May 2016
Pages: 505 - 715

Page 505-508
Guest Editorial: 1996 Sinus Consensus Conference Revisited in 2016
Jensen, Ole / Block, Michael S. / Iacono, Vince
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Page 513-515
Thematic Abstract Review: Implant Therapy: When Are We Helping Our Patients?
Stanford, Clark / Estafanous, Emad W. / Oates, Thomas W. / Osswald, Martin / Huynh-Ba, Guy / Ellingsen, Jan-Eirik / Chvartszaid, David
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Page 520-526, doi:10.11607/jomi.4124, PubMed:27183060
Effect of Single Off-Axis Implant Placement on Abutment Screw Stability Under Lateral Loading
Abou-Obaid, Ala'a Ibrahim / Al-Otaibi, Hanan Nejer / Akeel, Riyadh Fadul
Page 527-533, doi:10.11607/jomi.4222, PubMed:27183061
Cone Beam Computed Tomography vs Multislice Computed Tomography in Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Assisted Manufacture Guided Implant Surgery Based on Three-Dimensional Optical Scanning and Stereolithographic Guides: Does Image Modality Matter?
Widmann, Gerlig / Fischer, Bastian / Berggren, Johannes Peter Michael / Dennhardt, Albina / Schullian, Peter / Reto, Bale / Puelacher, Wolfgang
Page 535-545, doi:10.11607/jomi.4312, PubMed:27183062
Feasibility of Dental Implant Replacement in Failed Sites: A Systematic Review
Zhou, Wenjie / Wang, Feng / Monje, Alberto / Elnayef, Basel / Huang, Wei / Wu, Yiqun
Page 547-554, doi:10.11607/jomi.4349, PubMed:27183063
Titanium-Zirconium Binary Alloy as Dental Implant Material: Analysis of the Influence of Compositional Change on Mechanical Properties and In Vitro Biologic Response
Lee, Tsunglin James / Ueno, Takeshi / Nomura, Naoyuki / Wakabayashi, Noriyuki / Hanawa, Takao
Page 555-562, doi:10.11607/jomi.4355, PubMed:27183064
Comparison of Oxygen Plasma Treatment and Sandblasting of Titanium Implant-Abutment Surface on Bond Strength and Surface Topography
El-Helbawy, Nahla Gamal El-Din / El-Hatery, Abeer Abd El-Wahab / Ahmed, Mohammed Hassan
Page 563-570, doi:10.11607/jomi.4408, PubMed:27183065
Transfer of Bacteria into the Internal Cavity of Dental Implants After Application of Disinfectant or Sealant Agents In Vitro
Podhorsky, Anke / Biscoping, Stefanie / Rehmann, Peter / Streckbein, Philipp / Domann, Eugen / Wöstmann, Bernd
Page 571-579, doi:10.11607/jomi.4412, PubMed:27183066
Hydroxyapatite Dome for Bone Neoformation in Rabbit Tibia
Maeda, Nancy Tiaki / Yoshimoto, Marcelo / Allegrini Junior, Sergio / Bressiani, Ana Helena de Almeida
Page 581-590, doi:10.11607/jomi.4317, PubMed:27183067
Comparison of Guided Bone Regeneration Between Surface-Modified and Pristine Titanium Membranes in a Rat Calvarial Model
Nguyen, Thuy-Duong Thi / Moon, So-Hee / Oh, Tae-Ju / Seok, Jung-Jin / Lee, Min-Ho / Bae, Tae-Sung
Page 591-599, doi:10.11607/jomi.4453, PubMed:27183068
Long-Term Survival Rates of Titanium Implants Placed in Expanded Alveolar Ridges Using Split Crest Procedures: A Systematic Review
Mestas, Gianfranco / Alarcón, Marco / Chambrone, Leandro
Page 611-620, doi:10.11607/jomi.4260, PubMed:27183070
Evaluation of a Reverse-Tapered Design on the Osseointegration of Narrow-Diameter Implants in Beagle Dogs: A Pilot Study
Chang, Yun-Young / Kim, Su-Hwan / Park, Keun-Oh / Yun, Jeong-Ho
Page 631-641, doi:10.11607/jomi.4178, PubMed:27183072
Soft Tissue Response in Posterior Teeth Adjacent to Interdental Single Implants: A Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Intrasulcular vs Trapezoidal Incision
Girbés-Ballester, Paula / Viña-Almunia, Jose / Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel
Page 651-656, doi:10.11607/jomi.4471, PubMed:27183074
Patient-Perceived Morbidity and Subjective Functional Impairment Following Immediate Transition from a Failing Dentition to Fixed Implant Rehabilitation
Fürhauser, Rudolf / Mailath-Pokorny, Georg / Haas, Robert / Busenlechner, Dieter / Watzek, Georg / Pommer, Bernhard
Page 657-664, doi:10.11607/jomi.3932, PubMed:27183075
A Long-Term Prospective Evaluation of Marginal Bone Level Change Around Different Implant Systems
Lee, Su-Young / Koak, Jai-Young / Kim, Seong-Kyun / Rhyu, In-Chul / Ku, Young / Heo, Seong-Joo / Han, Chong-Hyun
Page 665-671, doi:10.11607/jomi.3948, PubMed:27183076
Bone Volume Changes After Sinus Floor Augmentation with Heterogenous Graft
Klein, Gustavo Batista Grolli / Curvello, Victor Prado / Dutra, Rodrigo Aliprandi / Simeão, Sandra Penteado / dos Santos, Pamela Leticia / Gulinelli, Jéssica Lemos / Filho, Hugo Nary
Page 672-675, doi:10.11607/jomi.4092, PubMed:27183087
Impact of Crown-Implant Ratio of Single Restorations Supported by 6-mm Implants: A Short-Term Case Series Study
Guljé, Felix L. / Raghoebar, Gerry M. / Erkens, Ward A. L. / Meijer, Henny J. A.
Page 676-686, doi:10.11607/jomi.4115, PubMed:27183088
Implant Stability Development of Photofunctionalized Implants Placed in Regular and Complex Cases: A Case-Control Study
Hirota, Makoto / Ozawa, Tomomichi / Iwai, Toshinori / Ogawa, Takahiro / Tohnai, Iwai
Page 687-699, doi:10.11607/jomi.4214, PubMed:27183077
Lateral Alveolar Ridge Expansion in the Anterior Maxilla Using Piezoelectric Surgery for Immediate Implant Placement
Nguyen, Vinh Giap / von Krockow, Nadine / Weigl, Paul / Depprich, Rita
Page 701-707, doi:10.11607/jomi.4303, PubMed:27183078
Collagen-Coated Bovine Bone in Peri-implantitis Defects: A Pilot Study on a Novel Approach
Rotenberg, Shaun A. / Steiner, Rob / Tatakis, Dimitris N.
Page 708-715, doi:10.11607/jomi.3926, PubMed:27183079
Anterior Maxilla Augmentation Using Palatal Bone Block with Platelet-Rich Fibrin: A Controlled Trial
Moussa, Mahmoud / El-Dahab, Omnia Abou / El Nahass, Hani
Online Article, Page 32-42, doi:10.11607/jomi.4179, PubMed:27183080
Online Article: Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis and Microcomputed Tomography Evaluation of Microgap Formation in a Dental Implant Under Oblique Loading
Jörn, Daniela / Kohorst, Philipp / Besdo, Silke / Borchers, Lothar / Stiesch, Meike
Online Article, Page 43-48, doi:10.11607/jomi.4243, PubMed:27183081
Online Article: Influence of Palatal Coverage and Implant Distribution on Denture Strain in Maxillary Implant Overdentures
Takahashi, Toshihito / Gonda, Tomoya / Tomita, Akiko / Mizuno, Yoko / Maeda, Yoshinobu
Online Article, Page 49-56, doi:10.11607/jomi.4372, PubMed:27183082
Online Article: Impact of Dynamic and Static Load on Bone Around Implants: An Experimental Study in a Rat Model
Yagihara, Atsushi / Kawasaki, Ryo / Mita, Atsushi / Takakuda, Kazuo
Online Article, Page 57-64, doi:10.11607/jomi.4427, PubMed:27183083
Online Article: Insertion Torques of Self-Drilling Mini-Implants in Simulated Mandibular Bone: Assessment of Potential for Implant Fracture
Hosein, Yara K. / Smith, Angie / Dunning, Cynthia E. / Tassi, Ali
Online Article, Page 65-70, doi:10.11607/jomi.4399, PubMed:27183084
Online Article: Analysis of Implant Strength After Implantoplasty in Three Implant-Abutment Connection Designs: An In Vitro Study
Gehrke, Sergio Alexandre / Aramburú Junior, Jaime Sardá / Dedavid, Berenice Anina / Shibli, Jamil Awad
Online Article, Page 71-78, doi:10.11607/jomi.4224, PubMed:27183085
Online Article: Bactericidal Effect of Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser and Photodynamic Therapy on Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans Biofilm on Implant Surface
Saffarpour, Anna / Fekrazad, Reza / Heibati, Maryam Naghavi / Bahador, Abbas / Saffarpour, Aida / Rokn, Amir R. / Iranparvar, Aysel / KharaziFard, Mohammad J.
Online Article, Page 79-83, doi:10.11607/jomi.4263, PubMed:27183086
Online Article: Is Implant Flossing a Risk-Free Procedure? A Case Report with a 6-year Follow-up
Montevecchi, Marco / De Blasi, Veronica / Checchi, Luigi