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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants



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Issue 4/2020     30. July 2020
30. July 2020
Pages: 665 - 849

Page 665
Editorial: How Do We Measure Time?
Eckert, Steven E.
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Page 667
In Memoriam: Charles L. Berman, DDS
Jaffin, Robert A.
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Page 685-699, doi:10.11607/jomi.8091, PubMed:32724920
Outcomes and Complication Rates of the Tooth-Implant–Supported Fixed Prosthesis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Alsabeeha, Nabeel H. M. / Atieh, Momen A.
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Page 700-706, doi:10.11607/jomi.8081, PubMed:32724921
In Vitro Evaluation of the Primary Stability of Short Implants in Different Surgical Techniques
Kucukguven, Meric Bilgic / Topaloglu, Goknur / Isıkhan, Selen Yılmaz / Tosun, Emre / Saysel, Mustafa Yigit
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Page 707-720, doi:10.11607/jomi.8097, PubMed:32724922
Zirconia Implants and Marginal Bone Loss: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical Studies
Borges, Higor / Correia, André Ricardo Maia / Castilho, Rogerio Moraes / Fernandes, Gustavo Vicentis de Oliveira
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Page 731-738, doi:10.11607/jomi.8385, PubMed:32724924
Bioactivation of Bovine Bone Matrix Using Argon Plasma: An Experimental Study for Sinus Augmentation in Rabbits
Hirota, Atsuya / Yamada, Yoichi / Canullo, Luigi / Xavier, Samuel P. / Baba, Shunsuke
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Page 739-748, doi:10.11607/jomi.8067, PubMed:32724925
Histologic and Micro-CT Analyses at Implants Placed Immediately After Maxillary Sinus Elevation Using Large or Small Xenograft Granules: An Experimental Study in Rabbits
Masuda, Katsuhiko / Silva, Erick Ricardo / Alccayhuaman, Karol Alí Apaza / Botticelli, Daniele / Xavier, Samuel Porfirio
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Page 750-756, doi:10.11607/jomi.8196, PubMed:32724927
Retrospective Analysis of Zygomatic Implants for Maxillary Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Yalçın, Mustafa / Can, Serhat / Akbaş, Mert / Dergin, Gühan / Garip, Hasan / Aydil, Barış Altuğ / Varol, Altan
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Page 757-761, doi:10.11607/jomi.8083, PubMed:32724928
Retrospective Clinical Study of 453 Novel Tapered Implants Placed in All Bone Types: Survival Rate Analysis Up to 2 Years of Follow-Up
Thomé, Geninho / Cartelli, Carolina Accorsi / Vianna, Camila Pereira / Trojan, Larissa Carvalho
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Page 762-766, doi:10.11607/jomi.8329, PubMed:32724929
Effect of Different Kinds of Music on Anxiety During Implant Surgery in Turkey: Randomized Controlled Study
Gulnahar, Yakup / Kupeli, Ilke
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Page 767-772, doi:10.11607/jomi.8124, PubMed:32724930
Results of Total Maxillary Edentulism Rehabilitation Protocol with Implant-Supported Prostheses in the Pterygomaxillary-Pyramidal Region as Posterior Anchorage Loci
Fernández-Valerón, Jesús R. / Fernández-Carreras, Jesús / Valerón, Pilar F.
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Page 773-781, doi:10.11607/jomi.8069, PubMed:32724931
Osteoblastic Cell Behavior and Early Bacterial Adhesion on Macro-, Micro-, and Nanostructured Titanium Surfaces for Biomedical Implant Applications
Kunrath, Marcel Ferreira / dos Santos, Renata Piassarollo / de Oliveira, Sílvia Dias / Hubler, Roberto / Sesterheim, Patrícia / Teixeira, Eduardo Rolim
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Page 782-788, doi:10.11607/jomi.8079, PubMed:32724932
Quantity and Quality of Intraoral Autogenous Block Graft Donor Sites with Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Ataman-Duruel, Emel Tuğba / Duruel, Onurcem / Nares, Salvador / Stanford, Clark / Tözüm, Tolga Fikret
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Page 789-798, doi:10.11607/jomi.7916, PubMed:32724933
Risk Factor Analysis Affecting Sinus Membrane Perforation During Lateral Window Maxillary Sinus Elevation Surgery
Krennmair, Stefan / Malek, Michael / Forstner, Thomas / Krennmair, Gerald / Weinländer, Michael / Hunger, Stefan
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Page 799-807, doi:10.11607/jomi.8052, PubMed:32724934
A Novel Method for Immediate Implant Placement in Defective Fresh Extraction Sites
Elaskary, Abdelsalam Th / Gaweesh, Yasmine Y / Maebed, Moataz A. / Cho, Sang-Choon / Tantawi, Maha El
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Page 808-815, doi:10.11607/jomi.7878, PubMed:32724935
Graftless Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation with Simultaneous Porcine Bone Layer Insertion: A 1- to 5-Year Follow-up Study
Luongo, Roberto / Sgaramella, Nicola / Traini, Tonino / Bugea, Calogero
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Page 816-823, doi:10.11607/jomi.8075, PubMed:32724936
Maxillary Bone Resorption with Conventional Dentures and Four-Implant–Supported Fixed Prosthesis Opposed by Distal-Extension Partial Dentures: A Preliminary 5-year Retrospective Study
Alrajhi, Mohammed Saad / Askar, Osama / Habib, Ahmed Ali / Elsyad, Moustafa Abdou
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Page 833-840, doi:10.11607/jomi.7203, PubMed:32724938
Immediate Postextraction Single-Tooth Implants and Provisional Crowns in the Esthetic Area: 2-year Results of a Cohort Prospective Multicenter Study— Patient-Centered Outcomes
Clauser, Carlo / Sforza, Nicola Marco / Menini, Italo / Kalemaj, Zamira / Buti, Jacopo / Collaborators of Accademia Toscana di Ricerca Odontostomatologica (ATRO) IPI Group
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Page 841-849, doi:10.11607/jomi.7605, PubMed:32724939
Comparative Results of Single Implants With and Without Laser-Microgrooved Collar Placed and Loaded with Different Protocols: A Long-Term (7 to 10 years) Retrospective Multicenter Study
Guarnieri, Renzo / Testarelli, Luca / Zuffetti, Francesco / Bertani, Pio / Testori, Tiziano
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Online Article, Page e69-e76, doi:10.11607/jomi.8122, PubMed:32724926
Online Article: Comparative Finite Element Analysis of Short Implants with Different Treatment Approaches in the Atrophic Mandible
Doganay, Ozge / Kilic, Erdem
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